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Coordination of Efforts: Do More in Less Time

Your project has its own goal and consists mainly of daily routine tasks. How do you coordinate your team effort efficiently to deliver a result? Probably, you start with any project management tool to set milestones. After that, you still have to distribute tasks manually. Can this be optimized as well?

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Yes, you can put your project tasks in a predicted sequence of tasks which work perfectly well for teams where everybody has to make their own contribution. The software which would do this for you can be called workflow management or collaborative work management software or in any other way. What you need is sequences of tasks (processes) and if these can be combined with personal task management – all the better. To my knowledge there is currently a single tool with this functionality on the market and it is Comindware Tracker.

Comindware Tracker makes it possible to focus team effort even when the processes you need to perform are quite complicated, when each one has their share of the process and needs to take action at a certain moment: when all previous process steps have been completed.

In this case, Comindware Tracker not only sends an email notification that it is now your turn to catch the ball, it also places a relevant task on your personal agenda, the task which you can prioritize your way. Besides, that is the task where you can collaborate online with the others on your team – share files, discuss and track history of the given work item, manage followers and check the current status of the task.

What is the direct benefit of using this system? Significant efficiency gains: when Comindware Tracker automates the routine side of the processes and daily tasks, helps coordinate without endless meetings or emails, there are two visible advantages that you perceive once you start using the system:

  • 1. You have more time to dedicate to work, the time you used to spend on organizing your work.
  • 2. You can manage more processes or more complicated processes, make them more transparent to you, without messing with deadlines and other significant detail.
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When a part of your work is managed automatically by a wisely-thought out system, you can concentrate on completing one task after another. You get a full view of what is going on inside the project and what needs to be done with the system of comprehensive reporting and personal task management. If you want to, you can use Comindware Tasks for Outlook – try it, it’s comfortable. This solution makes it possible to use the advantages of an enterprise collaborative work management system without leaving the familiar environment of your Outlook tasks. The synchronization is smooth and quick, and the new functionality (adding worklfows to MS Outlook) you get for your routine tasks make it much easier to deliver your work on time.

The only thing you need to adopt now is how to wisely use the system to get the most out of it and how to work more efficiently in the new online environment. But, that is already much easier than before because it’s a very comfortable way to organize your work.

Free Comindware Tracker 30-day fully functional trial which can support any number of users, tasks and processes – is waiting for you here. Hit the link now!

Get a 30-day trial!

Anastasia Chumakova is Product Marketing Analyst and Workflow Automation Expert at Comindware.
She currently explores online process management product development trends, contributes to and provides tips for better use of Comindware Tracker and online work management solutions.

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