Business Process Analysis

Business Process Analysis

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Make fact-driven decisions based on the true data right in the moment you need it. Get rid of bottlenecks with constant business process optimization.

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Business process analysis (BPA) is the foundation of any business optimization initiative. CMW Platform enables timely determination of process breaks and malfunctioning with its business process monitoring tool.

Business process analysis starts with the definition of measurable parameters that have to be monitored and managed like Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that can be tracked on a regular basis.

CMW Platform process analysis tool is based on the innovative ElasticData technology and allows business analysts to design, run and modify processes with no need of IT resource engagement, reduces IT expenses and ensures quick-win change of processes according to business needs.

Visual reporting provides managers with an intuitive representation of the business process execution and helps identify process bottlenecks, resource workload and other performance criteria.

5 steps of business process analysis

As all the processes should be linked to the business goals, it is necessary to review them regularly, evaluate relevance and make necessary changes. With CMW Platform you may edit existing processes without interruption of the whole system for a continuous optimization.

  1. Goals setting
    Whether you want to comply with the changed business environment or optimize processes on a department level to reduce workload, you have to understand this before making any changes to the system.
  2. Determine the processes for analysis
    Depending on the goals set, you may start from the optimization of business-critical operations or dive deep into the processes built within one business unit. Define the start and end point of each process to understand the analysis borders.
  3. Data collection
    Interview the stakeholders involved, make brainstorming sessions to take into consideration all the feedback for improving processes.
  4. Business process mapping
    Use a powerful graphical process engine to design and edit processes with drag and drop simplicity.
  5. Analysis
    Test the newly created or edited process and see the possible bottlenecks or find wasteful components. Bring automated workflow to perfection.


CMW Platform BPA tool features

Business Process Modeling

CMW Lab provides a graphical business process modeling tool available in any web browser, which makes it easy and quick to set up business processes and correct them on the fly. Design any process diagram defining its start and end points, outcomes, execution and completion criteria and teams involved. Make sure you don’t miss out business opportunities and operate at maximum with workload-results balance.

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Business Process Modeling  Business Process Modeling

Business Process Analysis

Eliminate bottlenecks and process malfunction when modeling or executing a business process. Find the gaps in the most important operations, make changes to existing processes or create new ones with correspondence to the business strategy and find the opportunities for improvement. All within a single digital transformation platform.

Business Process Analysis  Business Process Analysis

Business Process Monitoring: KPI, SLA

Performance parameters allow measurement and evaluation of processes in terms of cold numbers. It makes it possible to identify key problems and improvements as well as to measure the actual impact of the changes. 

Business Process Monitoring: KPI, SLA  Business Process Monitoring: KPI, SLA


A business process analysis is an approach for understanding business processes and their further efficiency improvement. With this method business analysts may screen the steps, data and people engaged into a certain operation and make necessary changes. Business process analysis is also one of the steps of business process management.

Business Process Analysis is used in every company that plans optimization or would like to start a digital transformation. It is a necessary step for further resultive improvement connected with bottlenecks elimination, reduced productivity or regular customers complaints.

Building a single digital environment for project and process management is proven to reduce workload and business costs, as well as the volume of successful tasks completion. With CMW Platform you can:

  • Design, automate and modify processes using visualization, not coding
  • Create web forms and gather necessary information during process execution
  • Manage tasks, cases and projects efficiently
  • Make fact-driven decisions based on flexible reports
  • Use fully Open API to enjoy integrations with Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, DocuSign, Slack and other software for the most business results
  • Get guaranteed reliability and flexibility with multi-tier Service Oriented Architecture

  • Costs reduction: with the process improvement, business reduces its operational expenses
  • Efficiency improvement: with the real-time monitoring and reporting business can easily find the weak points in the business processes and improve them
  • Better quality control: with CMW Platform it is possible to not only track the performance in a real time, but also make necessary changes without system interruption
  • Fact-driven decision making based on the real data from your business processes

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