Low-code BPM Solution for Banking

Low-code BPM Solution for Banking

Digital Banking BPM solution for higher efficiency, consistent regulatory compliance, and delivering an optimal experience to customers. Get key bank processes automated within days, easily integrate them with other bank’s systems, enable faster decision making, and timely react to escalating customer expectations and regulatory pressures.

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Agile workflow solution for digital banking

Nowadays, banks require a clear focus on service quality, speed and agility in order to address threats from new digital competitors and rapidly growing customer expectations. Workflow management and BPM technology helps banks a lot with staying competitive thanks to driving employee productivity, leading to effective working relationships and fueling bank’s digital transformation. BPM tools will play a key role in digital banking success during the years ahead.

Business process management software by CMW Lab is designed to empower non-technical bank executives for full control over ongoing innovation initiatives, including implementation of new online banking services, customer onboarding automation, robust decision making in retail lending, and more. Easily design end-to-end bank service process, set up necessary business rules, store and manage related documents as well as collaborate across the involved departments and countless vendors, and ensure an optimal experience to customers. Moreover, CMW Platform can be easily integrated with the current legacy systems in order to orchestrate complex approval processes and accelerate decision making.

Make sure that your bank has a greater chance of overcoming common financial industry challenges with CMW Platform.

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The Best Business Process Management Software in 2023

CMW Platform is rated #1 BPM suite in 2023 to start your business automation.

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Key BPM features for Digital Banking in CMW Platform

Automated Approval-Based Processes

Have a new, automated approval process up and running within days, not months.

  • Full automation and elimination of error-prone spreadsheets/email process tracking
  • Low-code workflow editor for hierarchy-driven approvals design and Business Rules setup
  • Timely and accurate approval request routing and notifications
  • Sequential or parallel approvals 
  • Escalations based on inactivity and due dates 
  • Reusable workflow templates for CapEx approval and other financial processes
workflow automation for digital banking

Agile Workflow and Ad-Hoc Requests

Get advantage of on-the-fly changes to request-forms and automated digital banking processes:

  • Designated alternative approvers and assignees
  • Manager-driven re-routing
  • Request route by amount, department or any request data
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Service Request Submissions

Easily design digital banking forms and standardize request preparation:

  • Graphical form builder available via any web browser
  • Configurable tabs and data fields
  • Standardized request processes across company divisions
  • Changes to forms during workflow execution
  • CapEx data export to MS Word and MS Excel
service request handling

Team Communication and Collaboration

Improve team communication and collaboration thanks to a single digital banking environment for employees, automated workflows, documents and knowledge.

  • Manager approval and request management by email or from mobile interface
  • Easy attachment of supporting documents
  • Centralized data and document management
  • Out-of-band integration with Outlook, SharePoint and Active Directory
Single digital banking environment

Process Transparency and Compliance Tracking

Identify request management bottlenecks and implement corrective action in time:

  • Complete and up‑to‑date view on all service requests
  • Audit trail of all the processes, form data, and user actions
  • Reports on SLA compliance, efficiency of process overall or for individual service requests
  • Real-time reports and scheduled for distribution when executives need them
business process transparency

Powerful and easy Digital Banking BPM Solution you were seeking. Risk-free trial!

Digital Banking Trends

What is digital banking? — bank executives and fintech experts still don’t have a well-established answer to the question. The most common digital banking definition is that it is the digitization of all the traditional banking activities and programs services. 

The first trend to mention is rapid digital banking growth. Meanwhile, it’s important to keep in mind that digital transformation in banking — the shift from traditional to digital banking — is a gradual process. 

Here we come to one more digital banking trend. Every bank passes unique degrees of banking service digitization before it becomes a digital bank — those with no physical presence — or modern bank with digitalized back-office operations and adapted  to online channels banking experiences.

When diving into digital transformation in banking it is vital to take into account that consumers increasingly willing banks to switch for digital features and quicker banking services, and banks can no longer wait to invest in digital transformation. It’s time to start the ongoing bank digitalization process and make sure that technology you choose supports business innovation initiatives when being compatible with IT systems currently in use in a bank.

Powerful and easy Workflow Solution for Digital Bank you were seeking. Risk-free trial!

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