Document Management Software

Document Management Software

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CMW Collaboration software provides extended document management capabilities that dramatically boosts employee engagement and productivity. CMW Document Management feature enables you to manage project-related and company-wide documents in a single place. Document tracking and collaborative document handling have never been so straightforward.

Team Collaboration in work  Team Collaboration in work
Upload documents

Upload documents you’d like to work on and share them either with individual team members, your Project team, or with everyone across the company.

document management in company
Discuss documents right away

Easily start a new document discussion while uploading a new document by simply adding people that you’d like to discuss the document with.

document management software for company
Document versioning

Upload new versions of documents to avoid duplications of the same document and prevent unwarranted circulation of outdated documents in CMW Document Management solution.

management version in online document management software
Stay informed

Follow documents you are interested in to get instantly notified on document updates and new discussions related to this document. You can also manage your documents online.

management changes in online document management system
Image preview

Get an instant image preview without downloading and opening the image in a simple Document Management software. Multiple images will be shown in a gallery.

Image preview in document management

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