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CMW Platform for managing any tasks regardless of their origin. A unique approach supporting both process and task management in a single mobile-friendly environment.

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Unified Processes and Task Management

CMW Platform is a business process management software and goes beyond the scope of task flow management. It allows unified task management across workflow tasks and non-process tasks or assignments. Team members can easily receive and manage their personal tasks along with approvals, reviews and other tasks automatically generated within business processes.

Key benefits of the task management solution:

After all, CMW Lab task management software was developed with flexibility in mind and allows for quick adoption to your challenges and goals by non-technical users. Minimize dependence on IT staff and take your first step to digital transformation!

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Task Management Software Distinct Features

Unified Tasks, Processes, Data and Documents

CMW Platform works like a single and reliable point of truth for tasks and related data and documents. All activities are collected, sorted and routed centrally to ensure most efficient task handling by the most appropriate resources and according to the defined priorities and deadlines. Task management rules can be configured by end users to set such parameters as default routing, default priority for task types, current workload and other. Enable a unified working environment for cross-department collaboration and boost overall productivity.

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Task Management Software Features

Low-code Workspace Configuration

Separate workspaces keep processes of a specific category seamlessly connected and facilitate rapid access to all the related tasks, associated data, documents and discussions. Low-code platform in the core of the task management solution makes it a snap to create separate workspaces for each department or workflow type and adjust workspaces without coding. Get advantage of customizable digital workspaces and improve employee adoption of a task management tool.

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Task Time Tracking

CMW Lab product helps manager with keeping track of what the team is working on and how much time they’re spending on each task. It also allows setting time maximums for specific tasks, monitor the performance of each team member in time reports, and improve team productivity. Gain full transparency and control of task flows thanks to real-time reporting and notifications.

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Task Time Tracking

Enhanced collaboration on Tasks

CMW Lab task management system provides full collaboration capabilities for teams including group discussions as well as task and document sharing. Tasks and conversations are fully searchable, which ensures full activity context can be easily retrieved. Document tracking is made straightforward and available from any type of device. Even more, the task management software is integrated with MS Outlook and allows employees conveniently manage their tasks right from their email. Makes it easy for employees to collaborate on tasks, keep track of requests and approvals, and get routine tasks done accurately and in time.

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CMW Task Management system

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