Technology, API & Integrations

Technology, API & Integrations

Frontier technologies and integrations under the CMW Platform hood empower non-technical users for effective business applications development. Unleash the power of Service-Oriented Architecture and get your business outcomes boosted.

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Key Technological Features

Innovative Architecture

CMW Platform is a low-code digital transformation software designed using principles of the multi-tier hybrid SaaS architecture, which supports the concept of the service-oriented architecture (SOA). It allows for a number of benefits:

  • Quick and easy deployment: on-premise or in private Cloud or in public Cloud such as Amazon Web Services.
  • On-the-fly addition and modification of functional capabilities including support for making changes in real time.
  • Easy system scaling from 2 to 10,000+ users while maintaining high performance.

Frontier Technologies

CMW Lab leverages modern and implementation-proven technologies such as:

  • HTML, JavaScript and AJAX for the front-end.
  • The latest edition of Microsoft .NET Framework for the back-end.
  • Deep customization capabilities based on C# in addition to offering multiple out-of-box configuration capabilities and the Low-code approach.
  • CMW web services support SOAP development platforms including .NET 4.0 and C#.

Module Service-Oriented Architecture

CMW Platform is entirely based on the concept of Service-oriented architecture (SOA). This allows you to visually create applications of any complexity by linking various services into a flexible interaction model without coding. This applies both to Services provided by the CMW Platform itself and to integrated Services.

It is easy to expand the CMW Platform functionality, as well as applications based on it. Build a fully digital enterprise architecture with the ability to create and modify business applications on the fly.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Ready-made Integrations

Whether you want to use a pre-built integration or design your own, CMW Platform can give even more power to existing process models with them:

  • Microsoft Outlook. Manage all your tasks within the email management software.
  • Microsoft Active Directory (AD). Ensure that AD is automatically synchronized with the CMW Platform user database, so your administrators have to update only AD.
  • Microsoft SharePoint. Create or modify your processes with drag-and-drop simplicity and submit requests in the familiar SharePoint environment.
  • Any other software integrations via Open API

CMW Platform interaction with third-party IT systems and their integration into a single intelligent environment are made owing to an open self-generated REST API, support for the OData protocol, and connection with ERP, CRM and other classes of systems.

Web-based Open API

With an open API you can bridge your apps and business systems and ensure the smooth interaction between business systems. Let your applications work harder for you.

CMW Lab web services API has been developed in compliance to the following standards:

  • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) 1.1
  • Web Service Description Language (WSDL) 1.1

Common Integration Examples

  • Salesforce® logo
  • QuickBooks® logo
  • DocuSign® logo
  • document management system
  • Slack® logo
  • chatfuel logo
  • Synchronizing workflow tasks
  • SAP® logo
Make all your apps work together and get additional value through the new capabilities provided by connecting different systems’ functions.
Pushing workflow status or other data from CMW Tracker to third-party tools to trigger external service actions.
For example, eSigning a contract via DocuSign® or sending a newsletter via MailChimp®.
Posting a document to a document management system such as Microsoft SharePoint, Google Drive™, DocuWare, etc.
Posting messages to Slack® or Microsoft Teams channels based on workflow events.
Using chatbot as a conversational interface able to gather all the necessary information from a customer in a friendly manner and launch a proper request handling workflow in CMW Tracker.
Synchronizing workflow tasks from CMW Tracker, so that they show up within your calendar at Google Calendar, Outlook and Apple Calendar.
Maintaining a single version of the latest data across all systems.
Launching a workflow in CMW Tracker when a trigger event happens in a different system, such as ERP, CRM, HRIS, etc.
For example, kick off a workflow, when an opportunity is created in Salesforce®.
Pushing the approved request information into the accounting system (QuickBooks®, Xero, SAP® solution, etc.).

Customizable user interface without programming

CMW Platform provides the ability to quickly and easily create new applications with just clicks, using a convenient web interface. Powerful graphical engine allows to change all aspects of business application - from single forms to general navigation and the creation of a separate access environment for different types of users.

After customization or modification, CMW Platform automatically creates the desired user interface on the fly, supporting the Single Page Application (SPA) concept and working through a web browser without the need to use additional specialized plug-ins.

UI and Personalization

Ensuring security and access control at all levels

CMW Platform provides security and access control at all levels - from the user interface to integration and administration. It is guaranteed by the modern means of authentication and protection like SSL / HTTPS protocol, as well as through an advanced and flexible access control system to all components: data, tasks, forms, settings, processes, cases, etc.

Security and Administration

Performance and scalability

The multi-tier architecture makes it easy to scale the system from a few units to several thousand users while maintaining high system performance. This is easily done thanks to the virtual infrastructure, including a cloud installation with the ability to add the necessary capacities on the fly - processor cores, disk space, network connections.

High Performance and Scalability

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