CMW Platform

CMW Platform

The platform offers three purchasing options for customers to choose from. The pricing for licenses and total cost of ownership is calculated based on real projects.

Purchasing Options

CMW Platform makes Enterprise-level BPM functionality available to every customer, regardless of their business size. Business applications of different complexity can be created, maintained, and developed by in-house business analysts (e.g. citizen developers) or with the involvement of third-party contractors:


Self-configuration of business processes, solution implementation, and ongoing support. The most popular scenario for digitizing simple processes in small to medium-sized businesses.


The CMW Lab team delivers consultancy services, helps you with building complex processes and forms, implementing specific business rules and integrations. The ideal scenario for those looking for a quick effect from process automation.

Count on partner

Added-value partner gets responsible for process app development, its implementation and further maintenance. Recommended scenario for those with a wide project’s scope and further digital transformation in mind.

Cost of Ownership

Choosing platform solutions, in addition to license price, it's important to consider all possible future expenses including support, updates, expansion, and adjustments to functionality.

CMW Platform pricing consists of:

  • Licensing per active users. User licenses that can be purchased at any time as the number of platform users grows.
  • No hidden fees for additional functionality. The platform is delivered fully functional, and new functionality released with product updates is available to users with no additional charges.
  • No additional costs for a database and its maintenance.
  • Ability to implement gradually by in-house resources. Goals and plans can be ambitious and extensive, but they can be implemented by in-house business analysts as the concept of a comprehensive solution is formed and budget is allocated.
  • Contracting external specialists. Consultants and contractors can be engaged for the implementation of specific parts of the solution, such as complex integrations, calculations, or specific business processes.

The cost of licenses and the entire implementation project for CMW Platform is calculated individually based on the company's needs, the complexity of customized business processes, and the scope of additional services.

Implementation Timeline

The platform's unique architecture, based on ontological models, enables the use of a spiral implementation model, which involves a rapid launch of a pilot version of the solution, followed by gradual development or radical changes.

If necessary, the classic cascade model of implementation can also be used. Even in this case, substantial savings can be achieved by reducing the volume of technical specifications (TS).

Regardless of the chosen approach, changes of any size made to the solution at any time can’t lead to the failure of the entire system or a significant part of its functionality.

License and Solution Pricing

Simple Solution

Independent implementation with consulting support from CMW Lab’s specialists. 

A set of process templates, records and forms adapted to the client's needs is provided, which can later be easily changed or improved by both client specialists and external contractors. A working solution can be launched within 5 business days.

The most popular scenario for digitalization of linear processes in small and medium-sized businesses, as well as proof of concepts (POC) of complex projects.

$4,990 *

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Custom Solution

Practical participation of the CMW Lab team for the rapid implementation of a solution that fully complies with the realities of the client’s business. 

CMW Lab’s business analysts conduct a detailed analysis of the client’s business needs and create an individual set of processes, forms and record templates for the client’s needs. A full-fledged business application can be obtained in just 3 working weeks and can be further developed as the process approach in the organization develops.

An ideal solution for getting quick results from automating current business operations.

$14,990 *

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Full project management by CMW Lab, including analysis and development of requirements, employee training. 

Business consultants and analysts conduct a series of interviews to find out all the features and objectives of the client’s business, select the optimal set of elements in terms of labor costs and efficiency, and create a unique comprehensive solution. The time from the start of implementation to trial operation is about 2 months.

Recommended scenario for the implementation of complex solutions with a foundation for further digital transformation of the enterprise.

$24,990 *

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A CMW Lab’s certificate indicating certified competence allows you to confirm that an employee can professionally work with the platform, configure and develop business applications. 

Depending on the chosen training program, course participants master a different set of skills - from understanding the basic principles of BPM and the operation of the platform, to confident knowledge of all the nuances of administering the platform and creating application solutions based on it.

Duration: from 16 to 48 hours

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A corporate program focused on the methodology of process management and improving the efficiency of enterprise business processes. The course program includes both a fundamental theoretical block and practical exercises, accompanied by an analysis of successful cases and best practices.

The knowledge gained during the training will speed up the digitalization of business and avoid common mistakes of novice BPM enthusiasts.

Duration: 16 hours

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* The exact cost of implementing the solution depends on a number of factors and can vary in either direction.
User license pricing is determined individually based on the number of users and project specifics.

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CMW Lab's product got high ratings from its users for customer satisfaction, resulting in it being recognized as a ‘High Performer’ in both workflow and business process management categories.
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