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Enterprise Executable Architecture (EA+BPM)

CMW Platform

Develop your Business as a System with powerful low-code tools to build, implement and control the executable process architecture.

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Business Process Management
in full accordance with business architecture

CMW Platform combines the functionality of enterprise architecture management systems (EA) and business process management systems (BPMS). In a single software you get:

CMW Platform incorporates existing processes into high-level enterprise architecture for building a sustainable business. This is especially valuable for businesses focused on digital transformation and innovative business models.

The system is guaranteed to design, implement and execute business processes in strict accordance with the developed enterprise architecture.

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Manage process architecture
rather than separate business processes

Business processes visualization

CMW Platform provides rich possibilities for graphical building and description of the enterprise executable process architecture. It helps reach outstanding business outcomes with minimum coding and development involvement.

  • Graphical notation clearly shows the logical grouping of business processes and the links between processes by resources.
  • Each element of the high-level architecture gives access to the element below, down to the workflow within a separate executing process.

Just as an executable BPMN process diagram ensures that a process executes exactly as modeled, an enterprise business process architecture in CMW Platform ensures that architecture diagrams are up-to-date.

Business processes visualization  Business processes visualization

Visibility of process architecture

The business capability model visually depicts the enterprise process architecture and specifies next steps to constantly and predictably achieve business goals:

  • At the top level, all processes can be divided into main, auxiliary and controlling.
  • At the next level, you can model the value chain, consisting of the main processes.
  • An atomic business capability is mapped to a BPMN process or a typical case/task template.
  • In addition to the hierarchy, the model shows the inputs (resources consumed) and outputs (product created) of every process.
Visibility of process architecture  Visibility of process architecture

Business object as a start point

The user's work in traditional BPM systems begins with the process start. CMW Platform provides the ability to start work from a business object, which makes an approach to building an enterprise architecture more strategic. It can be a client or transaction in CRM, an IT service or a user in ITSM, etc.

For example, if the business capability diagram shows that the inputs of the “Propose a new product to existing customers” process are Customer and Product, then the user can select a customer or product record, and the system will offer a list of processes available for its execution.

Business object as a start point  Business object as a start point

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Start building a digital-first organization

with a process automation power within one digital business transformation platform

What is Enterprise Architecture?

Enterprise architecture is an approach to facilitate the analysis, development, and management of a company's technologies and strategy. This approach is especially helpful when structuring business’ operations, processes, and standards for building a comprehensive company’s process hierarchy. It supports high-level project portfolio management to plan the business processes and asset usage. Enterprise architecture is also used when building a technology portfolio, risk, requirements, project, and business process management.

CMW Platform assists in building Business as a System with a combination of Enterprise Architecture Management and Business Process Management System. It enhances business sustainability not only on the process level, but also within the high-level of enterprise architecture.

CMW Platform EA+BPM system allows to: 

What enterprise architecture software is for?

Enterprise architecture (EA) software helps businesses to monitor and enhance both the need for and the results of change. They assist in developing and optimizing the relationships and dependencies between ecosystems of partners, operations, capabilities, people, processes, data, apps and technologies. They provide a central database for the artifacts that an enterprise cares about and their related lifecycles. 

Models represent the relationships between these artifacts and help describe and shape the future strategic steps for enterprise constant development. EA software is used for fact-driven decision making, like investment decisions. When Enterprise Architecture software is integrated with operational excellence, it can significantly improve business results and inspire for moving forward with the development of digital platforms and environment.

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