IT Service Management (ITSM)

IT Service Management (ITSM)

A flexible IT service management software for effective service requests handling and resolving issues before they can impact the business. Get the ITSM process automated within hours, transform the experience of both customers and agents, improve performance and availability while significantly reducing cost and risks.

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Low-code ITSM solutions for speed and flexibility

IT service management definition has changed a lot with the major update of ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) released in the first quarter of 2019. New ITIL, being an international standard for IT service management, gets focused on using ITSM’s best practices to support not only IT, but other business departments — HR, procurement, finances, etc. — which provide services to employees too. 

Today, process-based ITSM software needs to go beyond standard capabilities. It should be flexible and configurable enough to enable effective management of any business services and scale benefits of ITSM best practices to the company level.

An advanced ITSM solution based on CMW Platform is designed for quick request handling automation and full control over IT service management. Easily create IT service catalog, configure request forms and processes, set up SLAs (Service Level Agreements) without coding. It allows you to add new services, modify forms and handle request processes on-the-fly within a highly intuitive user interface, right from your web-browser.

Low-code ITSM software by CMW Lab can grow with your business as your needs change. Start from improving ITSM, then add more services and scale your success to HR service management, claims management or any other business services.

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The IT service management system can be easily tailored to your business needs and extended on an as-needed basis. Consider some basic ITSM software capabilities, included into the solution:

SLA management

Enable the full SLA management lifecycle from service definition and service level configuration to service impact analysis.

Service request management

Get workflow templates for end-to-end management of all kinds of IT service requests – including maintenance, update, and change.

Change management

Ensure that the necessary changes are implemented on time and with minimal impact on the system operation.

Knowledge Management

Saves time for troubleshooting known issues thanks to streamlined publishing, review, and approval process for knowledge base articles.

Self-service portal

Get advantage of a centralized interface for handling all service requests, orders and communication history.

IT service catalog

Enjoy quick and easy new service introduction and reconfiguration and support the constantly changing business requirements.

Incident management

Make sure that any service operation is restored after a failure or an interruption as quickly as possible and minimize the fallout impact on the business.

Asset management

Get advantage of full asset lifecycle management starting with procurement to asset decommissioning.

IT Service Desk

Enable gathering of incidents and service requests and setting up processes to handle them.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

Enjoy a single point of reference for managed resources, assets and services.

Your company has specific IT service workflows or non-standard requests — you are not alone. ITSM tools by CMW Lab have been developed to provide full flexibility. It adapts to your processes and goals, and allows non-technical users to model, run and modify processes with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Key ITSM features

IT Service Request Submissions

Easily design request forms, re-use them and add new fields when needed.

  • Graphical form builder available via any web browser
  • Intelligent forms with logic and customized fields
  • Automatic service request verification
  • Changes to forms during workflow execution
  • Service request data export to MS Word and MS Excel
  • Automatic form optimization for all mobile devices
IT service request form  IT Service Request Submissions

Automated Request Management Process

Have a new, automated request handling process up and running within days, not months.

  • User-friendly process builder for easily ITSM process automation and maintenance
  • Any number of process steps, both as sequential and parallel
  • Timely and accurate request routing and notifications
  • Escalations based on inactivity and due dates
  • Full automation and elimination of error-prone spreadsheets/email process tracking
  • Service catalog with configurable SLA
ITSM processes automation  Automated Request Management Process

Ad-Hoc Request Handling

Get advantage of on-the-fly changes to request-forms and automated workflows in your ITSM solutions.

  • Designated alternative task assignees or approvers
  • Manager-driven re-routing
  • Request route by service type, department or any request data
ad-hoc ITSM process  Ad-Hoc Request Handling

Team Communication and Collaboration

Improve team communication and collaboration thanks to a single work environment.

  • User-friendly workflow builder for easily ITSM process automation and maintenance
  • Manager approval by email or from mobile interface
  • Document and knowledge sharing in work context
  • Out-of-band integration with Outlook, SharePoint and Active Directory
ITSM processes automation  Team Communication and Collaboration

ITSM Process Transparency and Compliance

Identify request management bottlenecks and implement corrective action in time:

  • Complete and up‑to‑date view on all service requests
  • Audit trail of all the processes, form data, and user actions
  • Reports on SLA compliance, efficiency of process overall or for individual service requests
  • Real-time reports and scheduled for distribution when executives need them
ITSM process transparency  ITSM Process Transparency and Compliance

Powerful and easy IT Service Management Software you were seeking. Risk-free trial!

What is ITSM?

IT service management (ITSM) is a set of activities IT teams perform while managing end-to-end delivery of IT services to customers, either internal or external.

ITSM is committed to a process-based approach, when designing, planning and delivering IT services offered to customers. What are ITSM processes? In general these processes are defined as a set of processes related someway to effective IT service delivery or aligning IT to business needs. ITSM processes are also frequently associated with processes and ITSM best practices described in ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library), a guideline that defines the most widely accepted approach to ITSM.

The key ITSM processes include:

IT service management can be a great advantage for IT teams, engaged to deliver high value for business. ITSM tools are often marketed as ITSM platforms, which allow designing the best fit solutions to fulfill your defined functional requirements with drag and drop simplicity.


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