CMW Lab Services

CMW Lab Services

Unmatched industry knowledge and implementation-proven expertise. Full service suite including consulting and business analysis, solution architecture definition and configuration as well as solution implementation and post-production support.

Full service suite to address your business priorities


Be that a major business transformation program or a Low-code app set up for a small team – both such initiatives will require analysis of the existing system capabilities, definition of business objectives and target KPI’s as well as ultimately building a business case.

CMW Lab will provide implementation proven knowledge and expertise and will deliver:

  • Initial assessment of the business and IT needs and objectives
  • Business case compilation
  • Existing system, data and process assessment
  • Solution architecture design

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Professional Services

Delivery projects vary in complexity and duration and require deep expertise in order to be completed on-time and on-budget.

CMW solution delivery team will provide in-depth product and domain expertise available only with a genuine product vendor and supported by multi-year experience derived from multiple successful solution implementations to customers worldwide.

CMW Professional Services include:

  • Solution design, configuration and build
  • Solution integration
  • Data migration
  • End-to-end testing/UAT

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CMW Lab Professional Services

Support & Maintenance

Efficient support and maintenance operations are critical for continuous process enablement in any business. Such operations include among other change management, data management and product updates.

CMW Lab provides full support and maintenance services to help our customers get the most of CMW Lab products.

Our Support & Maintenance services include:

  • Pre-sales/trial support
  • Post-production support
  • Customer self service

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CMW Support and Maintenance


CMW Lab offers comprehensive trainings for IT administrators, business process architects and end users.

CMW Lab trainings include:

  • Training course & knowledge assessment for CMW Lab Products
  • Training course & knowledge assessment for CMW Lab Solutions
  • Onsite trainings
  • Train-the-trainer training

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CMW Lab trainings
Why CMW Lab
  • Full transparency, visibility and control over all solution delivery activities from initial assessment to post production support
  • Enhanced operational efficiency across the customer’s and the solution delivery teams, including 3rd-party teams if needed
  • On-time and on-budget solution delivery
  • Ensured knowledge transfer and user acceptance
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