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Low-code Development Platform CMW Tracker

Create Low-code apps to support quickly growing business needs. Minimize hand-coding and long IT development cycles. Optimize IT resource and cost spend.

Low-code Application Platform Distinct Features

Capture and Organize Data

Low-code Development Platform

CMW Lab Low-code development platform enables drag-and-drop data management including data collection, tracking and change.

  • Visually design data capture and presentation with CMW Records and Forms
  • Change and extend your data on-the-fly with no interruption to ongoing processes, tasks or cases
  • Load, export and synchronize your data using built-in Excel import/export capability as well as open and secure API’s

Configure User Interface

CMW Lab Low-code development

Low-code software enables customization of the UI and the user workspace through mouse click – all navigation elements are fully configurable.

  • Configure your UI to facilitate data access, task execution and social collaboration
  • Dynamically assemble role-based user portals customizing functions necessary to perform your work
  • Allow your users to personalize their portals and workspaces to their preferences

Work Automation through Tasks and Cases

Low-code software

Leverage Low-code work automation and optimize group activities. Use Tasks and Cases of CMW Lab low-code platform for business applications development to quickly set up non-formalized processes.

  • Unify tasks, data and documents in a single application
  • Add cases for non-formalized business processes
  • Use process prototyping to evaluate process management efficiency

Integration and Administration

Low-code apps platform

Low-code applications platform supports enterprise-grade integration and administration scenarios.

  • Fully open API’s and Enterprise Service Bus
  • Unified administration and security across all built applications
  • Management of custom application and system settings within the same environment

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