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Businesses are investing in the digital future and many companies are aiming for digital transformation. Maximizing the business is not only about enabling a bunch of tools to automate routine processes. Business owners should also consider implementing a digital strategy fully integrated into business operations at all levels.


Create Low-code apps to support quickly growing business needs. Minimize hand-coding and long IT development cycles. Optimize IT resource and cost spend.


Hand coding usually takes long and invokes lengthy development cycles. Applications never reach their customers on time and most often require modification and change even before users start using them. Another issue is the loose understanding that business users have of the ultimate functionality that needs to be developed. As a result – business users never get what they want and the installed software dictates how work should be done. (more…)

So how does it work – building business applications without having any technical or programming skills? And what is most critical in a rapid applications development platform to enable that? (more…)