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Process modeling, automation and optimization has never been so easy, thanks to non-code workflow automation software. It empowers business staff with no coding skills to increase process speed, visibility and team productivity through unification of tasks, resources, documents and people in a single digital environment.

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Whether you require a simple approval-based workflow automation or need to manage complex workflow scenarios, CMW Platform makes it possible to have a streamlined, automated workflow up and running quickly and with minimum IT-people engagement. Workflow automation software by CMW Lab delivers a full set of necessary features while being intuitive and easy to use.

Key benefits of CMW Platform:

After all, the main benefit of workflow software by CMW Lab is that it empowers non-technical users to create as many workflow automation apps as needed, maintain and improve workflows without expensive IT-resources participation and succeed with boosting operational excellence.


Key Workflow Automation Benefits

Powerful Workflow Automation

With highly configurable workflow automation software your team’s recurring tasks will be easily rendered into a series of automated workflows. Powerful workflow engine will ensure handing over tasks automatically, once the previous workflow step is completed. Gain task flow transparency and real-time control over the progress of any automated workflow and streamline team effectiveness.

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Powerful workflow automation  Powerful Workflow Automation

Configurable Web Forms

Bind processes and data together through fully configurable web forms. Workflow automation software by CMW Lab allows to quickly set up and modify your workflows with a drag and drop simplicity in an intuitive graphical interface. Visually create web forms with any layout and fields to collect all data needed for efficient process execution and automated workflows. Enjoy convenient data capture experience via mobile-friendly forms and achieve streamlined workflow execution thanks to rapid and reliable data collection.

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CMW Tracker Workflow Automation software  Configurable Web Forms

Flexible Business Rules

Build rules to flexibly orchestrate your processes with workflow automation system. Business rules include transition and validation rules, time- and condition-based notifications, assignment rules and other. Create and modify rules to validate and automatically modify form fields depending on the workflow step or form data. Get advantage of easy business rules setting and modification without coding skills.

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CMW Workflow Automation System  Flexible Business Rules
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