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CMW Platform

Manage and control business processes using low-code, BPMN 2.0, process automation, case management. Build a reliable ground for digital transformation.

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Hand business processes
back to business people

CMW Platform increases practical participation of business people in creating innovative business applications and developing the IT landscape. Enjoy a full set of tools for modeling, executing, and optimizing the enterprise’s processes. Get the advantages of iBPMS (Intelligent BPM Suite) and Low-code platforms in a single digital environment:

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What users say

CMW Lab flexibility is outstanding. It can adapt to custom requirements and processes, and enables us to automate and manage our work more efficiently. And that is exactly what we were expecting from workflow software.»

Megs Suratkal,
Senior Director, Acronis Service and Support

Main features

Business process modeling

A graphical model of a business process is a basic component of business process management. It demonstrates the interrelationship of all process elements within the enterprise. Such representation helps to focus on the target and significant information for solving tasks of optimizing business processes.

CMW Platform provides flexible and convenient tools for modeling business processes even for non-technical users. Moreover, forms development, interface adaptation, and basic integrations configuration can be also performed by citizen developers simply in a web browser. Create a process diagram, define participants, and describe their set and sequence of actions using BPMN 2.0 as a global standard for BPM.

Process Architecture Modeling

The success of process management in a company largely depends on the organization's ability to prioritize process optimization, focusing primarily on key business capabilities. A business capability is the combination of processes, people, and technologies that create value and align with the company's strategic goals. In other words, a business capability describes "what" a company is capable of doing, while business processes describe "how" the company implements its capabilities. A business capability model visualizes the entire range of specific business capabilities, and process architecture helps visualize the relationships between processes.

CMW Platform provides the ability to quickly build business capability and process architecture models, visualize the connections between processes, and link them to specific goals. Process Architecture Modeling is updated during optimization, which helps analyze the situation from a "top-down" perspective and effectively plan upcoming changes.

Business Processes Automation

Depending on the selected settings, the business process can be started manually or automatically according to a schedule, incoming request, or condition. With the appropriate access rights, a user can obtain information about the previous and next steps of the process and visually evaluate its completion.

CMW Platform uses powerful process engine that:

  • Routes requests
  • Automates task assignment to users
  • Calls external systems and services
  • Accepts requests from external systems
  • Collects necessary data, processes it
  • Provides access to data in the context of the running process

CMW Platform ensures a process execution of the required complexity and decomposition level in a single environment.

Monitoring and analysis

Business process monitoring is one of the BPM tools that helps identify bottlenecks and respond to critical situations by adjusting the process flow or employee actions. Successfully address monitoring tasks with constant access to process statistics and data in a convenient format.

During the execution of business processes, CMW Platform collects detailed statistics on their metrics and indicators. Visual representation of this data simplifies the control of process execution, identifying the growth points. Comprehensive visual reports are also a source of information for redesigning complex business processes, fact-driven decisions, and adjusting process architecture.

Integration with third-party systems

Switching between multiple systems significantly slows down the work process. The task of a business process manager software is to create a dedicated digital environment uniting other technologies (RPA, AI), internal information systems (ERP, CRM, etc.), and end-to-end business processes, eliminating the need to switch between different applications.

Start building your digital environment easily via the OData protocol and an open API. 


CMW Lab BPM platform and system benefits

For employees

For employees

  • Modern user interface
  • All work in a single personal account
  • Ability to delegate routine tasks to "robots"
  • Access from computers and mobile devices
  • Paperless technologies

For business

For business

  • Transparent processes, up-to-date information, reporting
  • International standard processes description - BPMN 2.0
  • Process architecture (business capability model of the company)
  • Smooth migration from accounting to cases and processes
  • Continuous improvement of business processes

For IT

For IT

  • Business logic and forms are set by citizen developers with clicks, not coding
  • Full-fledged script programming
  • Open API for integration with other systems
  • Technical architecture based on open standards
  • Ability to redistribute time from supporting the current system to new projects

Convenient BPM tools for managing and optimizing business processes

Organizing business processes in a business process manager software involves building a business as a network of interconnected business processes. Automated processes establish the order of business operations and increase the team effectiveness to achieve results. When implementing process management, business improves short-term results, as well as long-term ones. This is due to the constant practice of optimizing business processes and their evolutionary development by business people.

CMW Platform includes a complete set of business process management tools that are part of BPMS software. Each tool included in the CMW Low-code platform is designed to meet the current demands of businesses for flexibility in both main and supporting enterprise business processes.

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