Compliance and Policy Management

Compliance and Policy Management

A workflow-based compliance and policy management software for ongoing compliance management and easy audit. Design the company’s policies and procedures to comply with applicable laws and regulations, automate processes to match policies within your organization and reduce organizational risks.

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Reliable technology for continuous compliance

Regardless of industry, it is necessary to ensure that your policies are compliant to industry standards and are followed on a constant basis. Compliance burden is high in standards-driven industries like education, legal, finance and healthcare. The regulatory burdens are lower in retail and professional services, but it is still vital to ensure business operations and workplaces are compliant with the latest rules and company's policies.

CMW Platform is designed to empower non-technical executives for full control over ongoing compliance initiatives. Its Compliance and policy management solution can be configured in full accordance with your business operations. Low-code process builder allows changing the process or improving it any time. Easily create policy compliant processes, set up necessary business rules, store and manage related documents as well as collaborate across the involved business divisions, and ensure continuous compliance.

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Key compliance management features

CMW Platform includes a ready-to-use policy approval workflow template for a quick start.

Low-code process automation

  • Graphical process editor for hierarchy-driven approvals design
  • Sequential or parallel workflows
  • Time- and condition-based notifications, assignment rules
  • Flexible business rules with custom conditions for task, approvals and task closures
  • Escalations based on inactivity and due dates
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Team Communication and Collaboration

Improve team communication and collaboration thanks to a single work environment for employees, automated processes , documents and knowledge.

  • Approval management and task completion by email or from mobile interface
  • Easy attachment of supporting documents
  • Centralized data and document management
  • Out-of-band integration with Outlook, SharePoint and Active Directory
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Process Transparency and Compliance

  • Transparency of task flows thanks to extended reporting and notifications
  • Reports on compliance of processes overall or for individual ones
  • Easy compliance tracking
  • Clear, automatically-generated audit trail
  • Cross-compatibility with 3rd party regulatory compliance management software
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Benefits of Policy Compliance Software

A robust set of corporate policies and detailed procedures plays a crucial role in organizational effectiveness and success. When addressing the challenges of keeping policies up-to-date, trackable and accessible, businesses consider using policy document management solutions and check whether expected benefits are worth the effort and money. After all, how does a policy management solution benefit your organization?

In a nutshell, it increases trust and efficiency thanks to proper hosting, managing, paperless distributing, and tracking policy and procedure content and ensuring that corporate workflows are compliant with policies.

Other benefits of policy compliance tracking software:

A lot of organizations all over the world use CMW Platform for addressing their policy and compliance management needs. This process management solution helps compliance officers to create policies, get them reviewed and approved, make policies available to staff, track that employees have received copies, ensure that workflows are compliant with policies and minimize organizational risks. Organizations choose CMW Platform for its scalability — you can start from using it for policy tracking and then go beyond and use the same software for HR workflows management, document tracking, CapEx approval management, financial management and more.

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