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12 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Document Control Software

Basically, document control software is the handling of documents in which the information is generated, shared, structured and stored properly. The software solution enhances the productivity of your business by streamlining its ability to manage files digitally. It centralizes electronic document location to ensure that finding information is easy saving time and your company’s important operations.

Document control software such as Comindware Tracker helps you with the control of your business documents. Comindware knows the problems and challenges that your business faces when it comes to control of documents in the office. Such challenges include:

  1. Poor storage of documents – Due to many papers and files in the office.
  2. Time consuming when finding documents.
  3. High costs of proper storage of documents – That is cabinets and desks for the storage of the files.
  4. Disorganized offices due overflow of files and papers.
  5. Low productivity. Especially when a lot of time is being consumed finding documents.

As a business, either small or middle-sized or even head department, document control and tracking software by Comindware is the best solution for your business. They offer a 30-day period trial with Comindware Tracker that has the expertise to solve issues and challenges you encounter when it comes to document control. CMW Tracker banner The following are the reasons why your business needs document control software.

  1. Access to Recent Versions
This software is capable of an automatic revision control, which allows access to documents most recent version to be available. This means that you can be able to view your recent versions faster and with no difficulty.

  1. Centralized Data
Document control software means that all your documents are centralized instead of having to store some in the form of soft copies while others are in hard copies (often located in different areas). If all the data is stored digitally, you will have the ability to achieve single central structure where you can access all the documents in all the locations.

  1. Cost Reduction
Minimization of costs that involve storing physical based documents such as papers is achieved. Hardcopy documents require a lot of expenses to store physically that is in direct competition with the staff for space within your business. By changing these documents into digital files and storing them in Document Control Software you will be able to significantly reduce the main storage needed for paper.

  1. Revision Control
Approval of documents is necessary higher up in the organization and they therefore undergo a lot of revisions before reaching there. Document control software has a feature that enables staff to manage many document versions in tidy and organized forms. document control process
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  1. Improved Efficiency
Searching for paper files and decentralized data is time consuming however when document control is achieved using document control software, you will experience reduce costs of operation and the time and money spent. The savings acquired provide a real value for the business. Since physical storage of data is also eliminated, costs for storing and the space are also reduced.

  1. Quality Management
Quality management is achieved effortlessly because document control connects to other processes in an integrated system.

  1. Easy Document Retrieval
Document control translates to flexible document retrieval since storing paper is time consuming. Document control means that the digital files are centrally located and ability to pin point where they are means that it is filling and accessing data is easy. You will find it much easier and faster to find your documents.

  1. Quality Service
Your customers are able to achieve better service because of document control. Response times are shortened and customer satisfaction is also improved. Having taken care of time consumption due to elimination of manual operations, your staff will be able to concentrate on even more productive activities.

  1. Enhanced Security
Documents in filing cabinets have limited security or none at all. Document control on the other hand secures the documents at their levels and ensures more flexible control and following sensitive information. It is capable of doing this at group or individual levels.

  1. Data Recovery
Document control enables improved data recovery because all you essential business information can be backed up playing what is essentially a key role in data recovery.

  1. Easy Integration
When moving existing systems to other digital software with document control, this integration should be easy. This ensures that important business systems that are dependent of each other can do so.

  1. Reduced carbon print and therefore eco-friendly
Document control software eliminates the use of paper which is a greener option. This process minimizes the amount of paper wasted, ink and many other machines such as scanners and printers since one system will take care of all of this. Businesses are more environmentally conscious and responsible concept is becoming more of a focal point.

The reasons and the benefits you get while using document control software is reason enough for you to try the Comindware experience and their 30 day tracker trial. That will give you the best document control for you and your business.
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Helena Haidu is an Online Marketing Manager at CMWlab. and a passionate advocate for empowering executive managers onward to workflow automation and running their businesses efficiently.

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