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CMW Tracker Update with Awaited Enhancements

New Enhancements Include “Collection View” and Object Lists.

Stoneham, MA – November 1, 2017 – CMWlab, a leading provider of Workflow Management Software, announces the availability of CMW Tracker new version to further improve and enhance the low-code workflow management software it provides to its customers. Updated CMW Tracker provides new advanced features for web-form management and further ease-of-use.

CMW Tracker banner

Comindware Tracker makes it possible for non-technical users to design, run and modify workflows with drag-and-drop simplicity, without having to solely rely on IT. A wide variety of workflow management solutions have been built with Comindware Tracker across all industries and departments, and are successfully used for CapEx approval, document tracking, human resource management and other business needs. Role-based access control ensures full security and access management at all levels.

The latest Comindware Tracker release offers awaited by users “collection view” for web-forms. For example, now it is possible to add a table with a list of products in a purchase request. Other words, it got possible to add a list of objects into a web-form. Even more, user can edit a list of objects right in a web-form.

“Low-code approach is all about flexibility and speed,“ notes Max Tsypliaev, CEO, Comindware. “We kept it in mind when working under new Comindware Tracker version intended to fuel executives’ need of flexible solutions and quick adjustments.”

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