CMW Lab Case Study: Hertz

CMW Lab Case Study: Hertz

Hertz Uses Low-code Workflow Software to Streamline CapEx Approval Processes

Over 50% automation projects fail. Learn more about CapEx automation project in Hertz and improve your odds for success.

CapEx Management in Car Rental (Hertz)

The Hertz Corporation (Hertz) is the second largest U.S. car rental company with approximately 9,700 corporate and franchisee international locations in 150 countries worldwide.

To better manage new construction and maintenance of rental car locations worldwide, Hertz needed to adopt an improved workplace technology and collaboration solution. The key processes for rental car locations include CapEx approval for new location construction and ongoing maintenance projects.

“We had a number of separate Excel files that all served different business units within our finance and car locations management,“ said Hertz’s representative. “In order to improve capital productivity, we needed a way to access all projects in a single place and ensure flexible solution for all field employees”.

Hertz chose cloud delivery of CMW Lab product not only for compliance to initial requirements and cost-effectivity, but also for CMW Tracker’s proven ease of implementation and use, flexibility, and integration with MS Outlook.

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