Build innovative business apps powered by process automation

Build innovative business apps
powered by process automation

Connect workflows, teams and systems within one digital business transformation platform

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#1 Business Process Management Platform by Gartner Peer Insights #1 Business Process Management Platform
by Gartner Peer Insights

Guided transformation and continuous optimization

Digital transformation is more than implementing new tools or automating forms, this is a new approach to managing an organization. Deliver end-to-end business processes, automate, control and constantly optimize them in a single low-code platform.

CMW Platform suggests citizen developers a record speed of apps creation, a flexible interface and advanced integration options. Benefit from built-in workflow engine, business processes modeling and interface management available with just a click. Start right away with 20+ pre-built solutions and improve efficiency significantly.

Work Cycle Management

Digital transformation

Work Cycle Management

Manage your business as a unified system of interacting processes. Use BPMN 2.0 for low-code process modeling by business people. Follow your strategic goals with process architecture that always corresponds to the structure of an actual business.

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Digital transformation

Process Automation

Empower your business with citizen development: create web forms, model business processes and customize user interfaces with only clicks. Receive an automated business process model, data validation and technological advantages within one one digital transformation platform.

Process Automation
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Constant Optimization

Digital transformation

Constant Optimization

Make fact-driven decisions based on flexible reports. Implement any changes with no work interruption and time-consuming bureaucracy. Constantly improve business results with the unity of process approach and the most up-to-date technologies (RPA, BI, AI, etc.)

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Digital transformation

Effective Control

See the status of each task and executable process at any given time. Discover and eliminate workflow bottlenecks with ease using visual business process map and analytical BI reports.

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The Best Business Process Management Software in 2023

CMW Platform is rated #1 BPM suite in 2023 to start your business automation.

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True Low-Code

Hand business processes back to business people and create unique IT-solutions easily

Citizen development

Business processes automation and enterprise-level apps customization require no programming skills

Record speed

Rapid citizen development cycle from a business need to a working business process for effective collaboration of business and IT

Graph technologies

High data flexibility, contextualization and integration of data into action-making

83% of users feel more satisfied with their workload after integration of low-code BPM solution*. Become one of them!

*Microsoft Low-Code Trend Report

Technology and user care synergy to reduce
workload, time and costs


Agile development

Build a business system MVP on-the-go and see first results within days. not months


Process mapping

See the big picture to make process changes in a real time without stopping the system


Ready-made Integrations

Build a single digital environment using Open API for integrations with Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, DocuSign, Slack and many others for the most business results.



Tools, solutions and software orchestration for business success


Hybrid SaaS architecture

Guaranteed reliability and flexibility with CMW Platform multi-tier Service Oriented Architecture

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Find out how to start digital transformation with low-code automation power.

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Quick start with pre-built solutions


CapEx approval

Empower company for a full control over business-critical expenditures to maintain asset growth and business shareholder value.

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Approval Management

Start building your digital-first enterprise and gain both police compliance and shorter approval cycles using low-code workflow automation.

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Document Tracking

Transform the way you share, manage, approve, store and secure digital documents. Enable seamless collaboration and reduce operational expenses.

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Customer Order Management

Automate the end-to-end order fulfillment process without coding to shorten order-to-cash cycles of your business.

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Procurement Management

Build reliable relationships with suppliers, standardize contracts and speed up purchase-to-pay cycles with drag and drop simplicity.

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Start building a digital-first organization

with a process automation power within one digital business transformation platform


CMW Platform is designed using principles of the multi-tier hybrid SaaS architecture, which supports the concept of the service-oriented architecture (SOA) and allows for a number of benefits:

  • Quick and easy deployment: on-premise or in private Cloud or in public Cloud such as Amazon Web Services.
  • On-the-fly addition and modification of functional capabilities including support for making changes in real time.
  • Easy system scaling from several users to thousands of users while maintaining high performance.

A web services-based API allows for easy integration of CMW Tracker with any third-party systems and services, like MS Outlook, MS Active Directory, Salesforce® or SurveyGizmo.

  • Low-code business application development
  • Support of all work management methods — such as Project, Process and Case Management — and pre-integrated combinations of those
  • Seamless addition and change of data and processes with no interruption to your business operations
  • Highly intuitive navigation and design ensure quick application adoption and minimize training effort
  • As a result, CMW Digital Platform increases individual, team and corporate productivity

Working with CMW Platform gives you an opportunity to design and launch your business applications with no coding. Use the visual interface to capture and organize data, add automation to enable Task, Resource, Project and Process Management, use drag-and-drop interface to configure your data and processes.

Moreover, no matter where you start the design, the app is immediately available both on mobile and web platforms.

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