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Business Process Mapping

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Business Process Mapping
for Business Process Improvement

Every business process usually contains a lot of data that needs to be documented and represented clearly. Business Process Mapping is one of the most efficient approaches to business process improvement and a valuable capability of any professional business process management system. CMW Business Process Mapping software provides extensive capabilities that enable users to see a clear picture at every business process step and make timely improvements.

Business Process Mapping is aimed at rendering a graphical representation of business processes. The difference from business process modelling is that mapping focuses on clarification of roles, procedures and other essential process elements. It provides a clear, detailed and actual business process map that allows reviewing of the data quickly and clearly, tracking changes and assessing if improvements need to be made.

CMW Business Process Mapping

Business Process Mapping Capabilities

Business Process Mapping is a significant part of Business Process Improvement process that empowers analysis, internal audits and business process simulation. It helps visualize data, changes, interactions, deliverables, users involved in business processes, identify process bottlenecks and improvement opportunities.

Key steps and types of Business Process Maps

Business Process Mapping is a procedure that consists of several steps including establishment of clear objectives, identification of business process, data gathering and analysis of current situation, final mapping, and analysis of potential business process improvement. Among types of graphical business process maps are flow-charts, value stream maps, graphs and diagrams – each of them can be used depending on business process type and goals.

Business Process Mapping in use

Business Process Mapping is most relevant for data- and resource-intensive processes and most applicable for cases like regulatory compliance, SLA maintenance and similar. Business Process Maps allow involved people to see and understand the entire processes quickly, as well as their particular roles.

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