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Electronic Forms
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Visual form builder to create dynamic electronic forms for reliable data entry. Design powerful forms easily, connect them to automated processes and modify both of them with drag-and-drop simplicity.

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Rapid Data Collection for Effective Processes

Web-based form designer built into CMW Lab makes it an easy task to design and configure new electronic forms and replace the paper forms with electronic ones. Customized forms ensure high data accuracy, rapid and reliable data collection during business process execution and help with boosting processes efficiency.

Key benefits of CMW electronic form builder:

After all, the main benefit of the web-form builder is that it dramatically simplifies data entry and enables form automation with minimum dependency on IT-department and helps with making your business overall more flexible and efficient. Being more than just form builder, CMW Lab allows for using collected form data for automatic document creation, triggering and handling approval process, document tracking and addressing any related business need.


Key Electronic Forms Benefits

Web-based Form Builder

Visual form builder enables users to easily create and flexibly configure web forms capturing all the all data required for the workflow, e.g. for approval, request or change management. The form builder is available in the graphical UI and provides drag-and-drop simplicity. Enjoy intuitive form editor and 100% web environment for electronic form design, automation and usage.

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forms workflow  Web-based Workflow Form Builder
Configurable Tabs and Data Fields

To ensure comprehensive and flexible data capturing and management, visual form builder by CMW Lab provides capabilities for creating process integrated data fields and layouts. Benefit extensive set of controls and ensure both rich data capture experience for users and reliable data gathering for infallible operations execution.

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forms workflow software  Configurable Tabs and Data Fields
Accurate Data Collection

CMW Platform ensures more consistent, accurate data thank to dynamical form pre-filling and built in data validation logic. Eliminate manual data entry and error-prone processes with no programming required.

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CMW  Accurate Data Collection
Data Export to MS Word and MS Excel

For reporting and data exchange, CMW Platform provides data export to Microsoft Word and Excel — it is easy and can be done in a single click. Create multiple templates for different purposes and generate MS Word of Excel documents with custom layout in just a couple of clicks.

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workflow form  Data Export to MS Word and MS Excel
On-the-fly Changes to Web Forms

CMW Lab allows for low-code web-form design, automation and adjustment of both web forms and related business processes right in intuitive web-editors. Gain full visibility and control over your business critical form workflows with CMW Lab solution!

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forms workflow software  On-the-fly Changes to Web Forms

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