Business process optimization

Business process optimization

CMW Platform

Optimize processes of any complexity with CMW Platform. Get the highest performance efficiency using a digital transformation suite for business apps creation.

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Measurable business process optimization

CMW Platform is a reliable software for business optimization and operational efficiency. Gather statistics, analyze relationships between tasks, make changes to existing processes on the go, and continuously optimize your organization's operations.

Design profitable business processes, increase customer loyalty and employee motivation. Equip your Business Analyst with the Low-code tools to achieve your business's operational and strategic goals and gain real competitive advantage.


  • workload-intensive operations reduction;
  • faster response to events;
  • optimal interaction chains building


  • administrative costs reduction;
  • release of additional resources;
  • operations accuracy improvement;
  • services cost reduction.


  • responsibility areas determination;
  • responsibilities transfer simplification;
  • constant access to complete information about any process.


Main Approaches

Business process optimization is an activity aimed at extracting the maximum benefit from available resources. Processes can be optimized using a variety of methodologies, approaches, and disciplines (Lean, SIPOC, Six Sigma, 5s, etc.). The CMW Platform is a tool for implementing the BPM concept. It is based on the idea of effective business process management, which in the framework of BPM are considered as chains of organizational resources transformation into values. Both customers and employees can act as consumers of values.

Business process optimization within the concept of BPM is the continuous improvement of processes in terms of efficiency, economy and adaptability. BPM helps organizations to accurately achieve their desired goals with minimal resources, regardless of the situation. To assess the quality of the functioning of business processes, performance indicators and various data analytics tools are used.

CMW Platform is a low-code digital transformation suite where you can design and analyze business process models with minimum developers involvement. You can customize the output of metrics depending on the specifics of the business process itself. In this regard, the platform does not in any way limit the ability to set up KPI, collect SLA (Service-Level Agreement) statuses, generate schedules, etc. If a company needs additional analytical tools to implement more complex data collection and processing algorithms, a fully Open API is available in the platform for customizable integrations.

CMW Platform allows you to effectively involve citizen developers in the development of systems and business applications. The maximum involvement of employees in initiatives to improve business processes contributes to positive changes within the corporate culture and improves the quality of business activity.

Optimization Benefits

High performance

High performance

  • workload reduction;
  • manual errors preventing;
  • operations predictability and SLA compliance;
  • customer service excellence.

Costs reduction

Costs reduction

  • productivity growth;
  • project costs optimization;
  • fast and easy resource replacement;
  • IT resources optimal allocation.

Increased adaptivity

Increased adaptivity

  • risk management;
  • rapid adoption to changes;
  • self-service improvement;
  • correspondence of strategy, operations and IT systems;


* according to Forrester 2021 Global Digital Process Automation Survey

CMW Platform for business process optimization

The main reason for inefficiency lies in the opacity of functional barriers within the organization. The more divisions and employees are in the company, the more difficult it is to transfer responsibility from one employee to another. A clearly structured process is an indicator that the company manages not just the work of people, but primarily the result of this work.

The BPM concept is designed to solve the main problem of inefficiency by delimiting areas of responsibility and standardizing procedures. The CMW Platform uses classic BPMS tools for this purpose: business process diagram in BPMN 2.0 notation and forms for working with data. The introduction of BPMS increases the accuracy and speed of procedures by automating the processing and transfer of data, however, the capabilities of BPMS platforms in terms of optimizing the enterprise work are much wider.

CMW Platform is a low-code digital transformation suite for developing information systems and business applications. Methods for improving the efficiency of processes can be determined by a business analyst or citizen developers. The platform allows its users to develop monitoring tools, depending on the selected KPIs using business intelligence.


Accurate business logic modeling

BPMN 2.0 process builder

The platform supports the world standard for process modeling, which is intuitive for business people and at the same time helps to reproduce the process logic at the software level as accurately as possible. Modeling in BPMN 2.0 is carried out using a convenient and simple designer, implemented according to the drag and drop principle. The capabilities of the constructor fully cover the tasks of reproducing process logic of any complexity.

Easy 3d parties integrations

Easy 3d parties integrations

Simple tools for integration with external systems and services allow you to significantly expand the functionality of the platform in terms of connecting additional business intelligence tools. You can connect AI-based BI tools to implement technologies such as Process Mining and Data Fabric. Moreover, CMW Platform provides a self-generated API, reducing the time needed to bring the system and API into correspondence.

Get any data about the process

Data collection and storage tools

Graph database provides transparency of data and relationships between them. This allows you to make any selections and upload data to third-party software for further processing. Also, at any point in the process, you can set up automatic collection of any data about task completion, the number of approval cycles, etc. All data can be presented in the form of charts and tables.

Reports and charts design

Flexible visualization tools

Using the platform tools, you can easily customize the output of collected data in tables and charts. These can be task completion statuses, project completion dates, types of customers, revenue from different products, etc. You can customize how data is displayed in reports.

Performance metrics without limits

KPI customization

The platform provides the ability to customize any KPI without restrictions. A business analyst can independently develop a system for calculating performance indicators, which will then be implemented in the platform.

Automation without programming skills

Low-code set up for triggers and actions

A tool for quick automation of various operations and implementation of non-standard process logic without programming skills. The tool will help you quickly automate certain parts of the process and reduce tasks completion time.

Validate your ideas and find the best solution

Rapid hypothesis testing

You can start processes updating on the fly. It is possible to experimentally search for the ideal process logic and instantly adapt to changes in regulations and external conditions.

Optimization at the level of process architecture

The process architecture visually shows the logical grouping of business processes and simplifies the analysis of the relationships between them at the global level.

Start building a digital-first organization

with a process automation power within one digital business transformation platform

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CMW Lab is an expert in BPM and digital transformation. The company provides additional training programs dedicated to process management. The course program is designed right for your business needs and can be held onsite or online.

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CMW Lab low-code digital transformation platform is a powerful business process automation tool. The platform allows you to quickly create complex business automation systems with minimal help from programmers who are added to the project mainly at the integration stage. The system development itself is carried out with the active participation of the company's employees.

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Low-code development tools embedded in the platform allow companies to significantly reduce the cost of developing and implementing BPM systems. CMW Lab pursues a flexible pricing policy and offers several options for purchasing a product from a license to a full development cycle by a vendor.

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