Project Management Software

Project Management Software

Simplify project planning for project managers and facilitate execution for team members. Stay up-to-date on project priorities, delivery dates and the actual resource workload. Keep track of project portfolios and ensure cross-project resource optimization.

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Project Management Software Distinct Features

Automated Project Planning and Simplified Prioritization

CMW Project Management software helps you get your work done by dramatically simplifying project planning for managers and facilitating task execution for project members.

  • Save hours of your time planning and prioritizing activities with CMW Automated Priority-based Planning
  • Create tasks, assign resources and set priorities with drag-and-drop ease
  • The project plan is created automatically and based on the actual resource workload and the work calendar
  • Intuitive project tracking enables team members to calculate realistic deadlines by tracking the actual task completion progress
  • Set up Task Deadline Alerts while project tracking to be instantly notified if your tasks are behind the schedule
project planning software CMW Lab  Automated Project Planning and Simplified Prioritization

Progress Tracking and Predictive Real-time Gantt-chart

CMW Project Management software automatically recalculates the project plan to render the actual project completion date and presents it in an intuitive Gantt chart view.

  • Use baselines to make snapshots of your project plan, see how it has been changing over time and make appropriate corrections
  • Spot project issues early during project execution and make timely management decisions with CMW Project Management tool
  • Use Predictive Real-Time Gantt-chart for tracking of the current resource workload and the task completion progress
  • Business analytics, configurable dashboards and reporting will ensure timely decision making
Project tracking with Gantt chart  Progress Tracking and Predictive Real-time Gantt-chart

Resource Management

CMW Resource Management covers all types of human resources engaged in various types of collaborative work such as projects, processes and cases.

  • Achieve unmatched resource planning accuracy with unified workload view across tasks, cases, projects and processes
  • Maximize resource utilization with advanced cross-activity resource tracking and workload reporting
  • Avoid resource conflicts with workload demand forecasting
  • Use configurable timesheets for internal and partner project reporting
Project Resource Management with CMW Lab  Resource Management

Flexible Combinations of Projects, Cases and Processes

CMW Project Management software is pre-integrated with Business Process and Case Management and allows building flexible combinations of these types of work methods based on your specific business needs.

  • Processes can be initiated within projects and vice versa
  • Projects can go through the entire project lifecycle using formal processes for planning, approvals, reviews and acceptance
  • Resource allocation and workload are planned and managed end-to-end across manual tasks, cases, projects and processes
  • Process management is enhanced with project-style capabilities data such as managing task duration, due dates, resource workload and costs
CMW Project Management software  Flexible Combinations of Projects, Cases and Processes

Project Portfolio Management

CMW Project Portfolio Management enables management of multiple projects running simultaneously as well as estimation of the budget, profitability and project risks.

  • Сross-project calculation of the actual resource workload and the resource demand including specific skills and positions
  • Full visibility into contractor and partner projects and the ability to seamlessly share project data and documentation
  • End-to-end project lifecycle starting with project initiation, to task progress submission and final project reporting
  • Covering all project types including internal company projects, external customer oriented and joint partner/contractor projects
Project Portfolio Management

Maximized Productivity and Team Collaboration

CMW Project Management solution is pre-integrated with the Social Collaboration Software to enhance individual and team productivity.

  • Facilitated access to all tasks, data and communications for project team members and partners
  • Document management with versioning and no more confusing e-mail threads
  • Fully traceable conversations, actionable discussions and configurable notifications
  • Unified task management and intelligent skill-based routing minimize task drop-out’s and project delays
Team project collaboration  Maximized Productivity and Team Collaboration
Why CMW Lab
  • Fully functional web-based environment for application design and running
  • Multi-tier hybrid SaaS architecture with full support for SOA principles
  • UI providing OOB components for application configuration with no coding effort
  • Enterprise-grade security and scalability

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