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Nintex Alternative for Flexible Workflow Management

The means by which organizations do their business has seen great evolution compared to a long time ago. Over time, newer and better techniques have come to be needed in order to cope with newer business demands.

Evolution in technology has impacted many businesses since today it is an integral part or element in most, if not all businesses. Workflow software, in particular, has emerged as being one of the best and handiest tools to have in a business. Nintex is a known brand in the market but evolution in business needs has given rise to more and better Nintex alternatives that can match and deliver said needs.

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Pros and Cons of Nintex

To start us off here, let’s first highlight a few merits afforded by the Nintex software:

  • Clear and intuitive UI.
  • The company offers constant updates to better the product.
  • Allows for easy troubleshooting operations when the need for it arises.

Having listed the above, let’s now take a look at some of the demerits of this software:

  • A lot of its services are dependent on MS SharePoint, a 3rd party influence in this case.
  • Nintex offers a limited period of storing the workflow history.
  • It uses SQL databases which in this modern times is simply not fast or efficient enough.
  • The constant updates mean newer things to learn and adjust to which can be difficult given the lack of sufficient documentation.
  • Setting access control measures proves difficult.

The above points are what ultimately led to the development of other workflow management solutions like Comindware Tracker, which offer more robustness and service and that can work as Nintex alternatives.

Comindware Tracker as an Alternative Workflow Solution

Having seen some of the demerits offered by Nintex, we should highlight a few points to show why Comindware Tracker would work better as an alternative workflow software. Consider the following points:

  • Comindware offers excellent support service and sufficient documentation on its workflow software. This enables companies and their users to better understand all its workings easily.
  • Workflow software by Comindware is a standalone solution that doesn’t require third-party apps to fully function at all times.
  • Comindware uses the latest database technologies by using graph databases rather than traditional SQL relational databases. This means querying is completed faster, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the software.

These few points serve as a good indicator as to why Comindware Tracker is a standout workflow software which can easily serve better compared to many other workflow software in the market.

Comparing Comindware Workflow Management Software with Nintex

As stated above, Comindware is one of the top workflow software solutions available on the market. It offers a number of merits compared to many others in this category of software.

The table below will highlight a number of aspects to help compare Comindware software with Nintex software as you try to decide which the better option is in the first place:

3rd Party InfluenceMuch of its services are dependent on MS Sharepoint.No attachment to third party apps.
No. of Forms and Automations GrantedOffers a limited amount of automation services and forms.Automation services and forms are unlimited.
Multi-user integrationDoes not support multi-user capability.Has advanced multi-user features available.
E-mail featuresNo e-mail integration feature.E-mail integration is a strong feature.
AccessDoesn’t allow batch access.Supports both batch access and permissions.
Free TrialsNo provision of a free trial period.Free trial periods are available.
Real-time FeaturesNo real-time access or features present.Allows for real-time access, reporting, and notification.
IT resourcesSome IT resources are needed to get it going.Can be set up entirely with no IT resources at hand.
SupportNo live support offered.Live support is available.


In the search for a workflow system that can work as a Nintex alternative, very few contenders emerge. Comindware’s workflow systems have been in the game long enough to know and deliver exactly what your business needs in order to better perform.

To even get a better feel for the Comindware workflow system before fully committing to it, you can try out the free 30-day trial package they offer. It is sure to be the answer your business has been looking for and you can get a better understanding of the details and services it offers that make it the ultimate workflow software of choice.

Get a 30-day trial!

Helena Haidu is an Online Marketing Manager at CMWlab. and a passionate advocate for empowering executive managers onward to workflow automation and running their businesses efficiently.

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