Ordering & Fulfillment

Ordering & Fulfillment

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Order Fulfillment software
for advanced IT Service Management

Traditional ITSM software is focused on Service Request Management and Service Desk capabilities. That works well for support of internal IT operations by back-office IT organizations.

In case of Managed Service Providers (MSP) offerings, IT services become the main revenue generating stream and require capabilities for service ordering, Self Service portal, Service Order Fulfillment and Billing.

CMW Ordering & Fulfillment is pre-integrated with CMW Service Catalog and Self Service portal and enables easy and intuitive service ordering by external customers with the user interface done in the Amazon-like design.

Order Fulfillment process is then tracked as a sequence of fully configurable workflows with capabilities for in-flight changes, escalation management, notifications and reporting.

CMW Ordering & Fulfillment software also supports SLA Management and Change Management to ensure highest service quality and customer satisfaction.


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