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Online Project Management: not only the task but the context

Comindware is a task management software that not only helps to distribute tasks in your team or organize your personal task list in a more productive way, it is also rich in context.

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Context is what can help you make your daily routine much quicker. When each project task is completed quicker, the project itself can be delivered in a shorter time. This all begins with a small advantage of the work context.

Allow me to start with a metaphysical question. Unpaired socks. Why are there so many of them and why is it so difficult to find a match for each of them? Or, how it often happens with a cell phone: it’s somewhere here, but you simply can’t find it. Okay, – you think – and you call it from your home phone or Skype and it turns out to be that exactly today you’ve turned on the sound. Check and mate, optimists: Murphy’s laws work incomparably with lost things. For example, you’re going to discover that your car keys got lost exactly at the moment when you are going to leave your home to go to the office and you’re already about being a little late. And here it goes: Where Me Key, Where Me Phone, as it’s been brilliantly noticed by Mr Zip from Britain’s Got Talent.

Same thing at work: if some piece of working data is lost or it takes time to find it, then you do lose time. This problem arouses in the following cases:

  • Your clients’ contacts are scattered over different emails, different files, cards, and even napkins
  • You’ve been given a task that lacks explanatory information
  • You’ve got a new employee and you need him to get into detail quickly

In all of the above situations the where-me-key-where-me-phone scenario starts over.

It would be surprising if the 21th century didn’t bring a cure to this eternal problem. I don’t know if something has been invented for the mobile phones or unpaired socks (you tell me if you know), but I know that there is a possibility to avoid context clashes at work with the help of online project management software where online means that your work data is available to you from any machine or portable device, if only you’ve got your credentials and the Internet.

You can exchange links to the work items with your colleagues in case you need to exchange bits of work context and collaborate.

Project Management software can differ depending on the set of features it provides. Speaking of Comindware Tracker, here is how we keep all work context in a single online place:

  • database (for example, all of the contractors contacts or the fleet items and so on)
  • collaboration threads
  • history
  • attachments
  • work items
  • task lists
  • online reports
  • all linked in a huge work hypertext, along with processes and task management

As the result, your project data is available online at any time and from any part of the word. You can work with this technology for free during 30 days and the button that leads you to this world of wonder is below:

Get a 30-day trial!

Anastasia Chumakova is Product Marketing Analyst and Workflow Automation Expert at Comindware.
She currently explores online process management product development trends, contributes to and provides tips for better use of Comindware Tracker and online work management solutions.

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