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Work Automation: Mix and Match Cases, Processes and Projects

Businesses need methods of automating certain processes in order to optimize team productivity. By ensuring that enterprise applications run smoothly and making internal process management more streamlined, businesses are able to have an impact on their bottom lines. Unfortunately, many companies are struggling with organizing data, coding business applications, being able to add and change data, and fine-tuning their business processes. The good news is that Comindware has business automation solutions ready to launch for businesses in virtually any industry. CMW Platform banner

Enhance Efficiency Through Work Automation

Having a centralized system to run enterprise applications can improve work automation. Work automation is key to enhancing efficiency and ensuring a competitive edge in any business. There are four main work automation methods:

  • Task management – Monitor individual tasks in one central location so that the appropriate reports can be generated and interpreted.
  • Case management – Case automation means being able to streamline the problem-solving process with unified data. The more methodical the approach, the faster a case can be solved.
  • Process management – The appropriate data is gathered and used to render processes as projects. Everything from cost, workload, and duration can be recorded.
  • Project management – Process data can be used to complete projects and vice versa.

Work Automation: Mix and Match Cases, Processes and Projects

It is all about being able to keep data in one place so that it can be effectively used to ensure that processes move smoothly. Process automation is very important in ensuring consistency. Another important feature of the Comindware software is that it is future-proof. It is impossible to know which work automation method your company will use years into the future. Through future proofing, your company can implement flexible combinations of process, case, and project management. You are able to make additions and change processes and data without interrupting business operations. Needs change over time, and the software evolves with you.

Common Scenarios

It is important for a business to evolve over time. A business may start with case management, but then need to add processes or projects in the future as the business grows. Take a start-up business, for instance. Business processes aren’t yet defined, but they will become more defined as time progresses. Even when they become more defined, business process automation may change because the conditions within industries change.

Another scenario is when you have processes in place, but then you need to add a project view to those processes. This requires data to be added to resources, timelines, and costs to those processes. Over time, these processes expand to the point that they work hand-in-hand with projects.

Work Automation Through Comindware

Comindware is a unique digital platform that allows you to maintain all four types of work automation in one place. You don’t have to keep your enterprise applications in different places. You can also build applications with no coding, which is extremely important when you want a specific function at your disposal very quickly. You have a platform that allows for easy mix and match of cases, projects, and processes, and you can manage all tasks to make sure all business operations are streamlined.

Maria Komarova is a Product Marketing Analyst at CMW Lab – a global software company delivering innovative Business Operations Management solutions enabling performance and efficiency optimization.

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