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Procurement Contract Approval Process

The contract approval process is vital but sometimes complicated, but it is incredibly important to have a solid, easy-to-understand process. This ensures that everyone has access to the same information and is on the same proverbial page. Not only does this help keep employees on track, but it also improves the efficiency of the entire process.

Common Issues with Contract Approvals

Most often, contract approvals are still done manually. Any process that is done manually will be less efficient than those that can be automated using the software. When you manage your contract approvals manually, other involved parties may not have access to any information about the approval process. What this does is leave important parties out of the loop and unsure of where in the process of approval a given contract is. Some contracts and processes are more important than others. When they are done manually, vital time can be lost.

Another problem with doing this manually is that there is often missing information. When you automate something, you have a solid trail that allows for an audit after the fact. When you do these things manually, this isn’t the case.

Using procurement management and automation solution allows you to streamline and increase the efficiency and transparency of the process. CMW Lab low-code workflow management software makes it easy for to build your own procurement management solution quickly and make sure that every element of your procurement process is managed properly and work flows effectively. Countless companies around the world use this software to streamline and improve the transparency of the procurement process.

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Benefits of Automation

The procurement process, or the process whereby materials and resources are gathered, is one of the most important parts of any business. It is what allows you to provide timely and reliable service to your clients or customers. Automated processes make this entire process far more efficient and streamlined. Software that provides a dashboard for all relevant employees allows all parties to see where in the process a contract approval is. They can get vital information about the processes and use this information for future strategic planning and business goals.

Today, transparency is incredibly important in any type of business. You need to have the ability to document the entire process of a contract or procurement. With a dashboard, you can see where in the process the contract is and whose desk it is sitting on. This lets you know who to contact if you need to speed up the process.

Not only does transparency help guide the approval process and make it go more quickly. It also allows for auditing. Most processes have room for improvement and the ability to track a contract from start to approval can give you an idea as to where you can improve efficiency and reliability.

Many suites of software have drag and drop features that make the entire process visual and allows parties to see how the flow of the approval works. A visual representation of the process gives all parties involved the ability to see how every step works. This makes it easier to understand where in the approval process a given contract is. It can also give administrators and other ideas of how to improve efficiency and reduce the time it takes to approve procurement contracts.

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In Closing

Some parts of business operations are fundamental to the running of the entire business. The procurement process is just one of these fundamentals. All companies need resources and materials to operate, even if what they provide isn’t a tangible product. This means that there will be contracts with suppliers, utility providers, and the like. This is a process in itself and hiccups in this process can slow down business and reduce the efficiency of the entire operation.

Manually handling procurements or other contracts is an archaic and inefficient way to handle these processes. It isn’t transparent and it can make the process take a lot longer than it needs to be by creating unnecessary bottlenecks. Software suites such as those offered by CMW Lab, allow a business to increase the efficiency and transparency of the procurement process.

With this software, you can completely automate the process. There is a dashboard that all relevant parties can access where they get a visual understanding of the entire process, who is involved, and where in the process each contract is. This can let employees know who to contact to move the process along or to find ways that the entire process can be improved and made more efficient. Having this trail of activity makes it easier to audit and further improve this process.

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Helena Haidu is an Online Marketing Manager at CMWlab. and a passionate advocate for empowering executive managers onward to workflow automation and running their businesses efficiently.

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