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Alternatives to Traditional Employee Timesheet Templates

Though most of us work at places that have a slightly more sophisticated system of employee timesheet management than the old punch card, the concept is still largely the same. Some might use badges, fingerprint scanners, and the like, but it is still associated with a system that must be managed by human beings, which takes time and leaves room open for delays and error. Timesheets are clearly an important part of any work environment, but the technology we use to manage this part of the business can be lacking.

Many parties need easy access to information about the number of hours they have worked, any time taken off, and the like. This will determine how much the employee earns during a pay period and helps the finance department with payroll. However, when a human being is responsible for managing this task, there is room for error and it can take time. Say you want to check on your time off or you see an issue with your timesheet. For many, the only option is to get in touch with human resources or whatever department is in charge of this task, inquire, and wait for an answer.

It is the waiting part that causes issues as there can be significant delays in getting queries answered and lag in fixing any potential issues there might be with an employee’s timesheet. Thankfully, there are more modern and convenient ways to manage timesheets.

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Reasons to Change the “Old Ways”

There are many reasons to modernize parts of your business operations, whether it be to improve efficiency or to stay ahead of the proverbial curve. When it comes to timesheets, well, paper is a technology of the past. It has to be stored and managed and kept in a location where any party that needs to can have access to them. You can already see how this can cause trouble when these departments are awash in this type of documentation.

There are a number of problems with using paper or even card-based timesheets. These are manual and an employee can forget to clock in. Not to mention, people in human resources must look at each timesheet and this takes time and can leave room open for error. This is inefficient and should an error be detected, it will take even more time to resolve the issue.

Automate for Efficiency and to Reduce Error

Thankfully, there are powerful software tools that allow you to reimagine how to manage employee timesheets. Automation software, such as offered by Comindware, can completely automate this process. This will make timesheet management far more transparent to the employee and any other party that may need access to these documents.

Automation software, as the name implies, allows businesses to automate timesheet management which frees up human resources for other tasks that cannot be done by a machine. This gives them more time for other important aspects of their job and will also reduce the amount of communication and back and forth they have to do with employees to answer questions about timesheets.

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With automation software, errors are largely non-existent and it takes a fraction of the time to produce employee timesheets than when done by hand. Increasing efficiency is one of the best ways to help a company stand apart from the proverbial crowd. And this software also means fewer errors, which reduces the amount of time needed to manage timesheets, as well as frustrations with employees over errors.

This software usually involves the use of an app where employees can easily track and manage the hours they work. All necessary parties will have access to the information entered into the app for each employee. If everything checks out, the timesheets can even be approved automatically, meaning no delays in pay, which everyone likes.

Managing the hours employees work to ensure they get paid and know the status of their time off is just one of the many functions human resource professionals must manage. Using automated timesheet management software reduces the amount of work and effort it takes to efficiently and properly manage this aspect of the business. Knowing that the process is streamlined and accurate gives everyone the peace of mind that they will be paid for the hours they work.

With automation software, you can dramatically increase the efficiency of timesheet management, cutting down the time it takes to perform this vital task significantly. It also helps to reduce delay and error in reporting of hours worked to ensure that employees are paid for the time they put in, without delay. The associated app allows both employees and human resource professionals to keep an eye on the timesheet and can address any potential issues as they come up far easier. Not to mention, machines make far fewer errors than humans do.

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Helena Haidu is an Online Marketing Manager at CMWlab. and a passionate advocate for empowering executive managers onward to workflow automation and running their businesses efficiently.

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