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Comindware to invest in digital transformation technologies in US and open Laboratory in 2022

Comindware Inc. announces an upcoming major milestone in its commitment to accelerated digital transformation and sustainable digital foundation for the future in the US. With reference to plans established last year to develop an innovation laboratory, Comindware confirmed it launched a world-class lab with the aim of promoting the application of Low-code, Business Process Management (BPM) and related technologies in new corporate solutions, as well as empowering businesses with reliable technology on their way to a sustainable digital future.

Comindware Tracker name change

CMW Lab, short for Co-Minded Work Laboratory, is composed of software developers, data scientists and specialists in business process management. The team will focus on developing proofs of concept, prototypes and use cases that explore new opportunities in digital business from the application of Low-code and BPM technologies.

Comindware invests into CMW Lab a wide range of resources and assets, including a workflow management product – Comindware Tracker, which is to be renamed to CMW Tracker on August 22. The new name reflects CMW Lab’s strong belief that every business will become a co-minded team, able to automate quickly and keep their digital transformation trackable. While the name is changed, the product and its road map remains the same.

On August 22 the company website and product domain, logos and marketing collateral will be changed to reflect the new company name, CMW Lab. This change will not affect any existing customers’ product instances or performance. It is designed to offer current and future clients more options as Comindware moves into the next phase of Business Process Management.

We realize that our success in the highly competitive area demands our contribution and investment in a scalable, resilient and secure digital foundation for the future. This will allow us to make use of our own graph technologies, integrate that with third party technology such as Artificial Intelligence and Business intelligence, and increasingly deliver value to US business Michael Donaghey, Vice President of Sales.

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