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CAPTRON implements Comindware for Order-to-Assemble Process Automation

Stoneham, MA. – October, 27 2015 – CAPTRON – the leading high-tech manufacturer of capacitive and optical sensors – has implemented Comindware Tracker for end-to-end order-to-assemble process automation.

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CAPTRONComindware Tracker is a workflow-centric process management solution that is aimed at automating typical department and cross department business processes to enable effective task, data and document management.

Comindware solution was implemented in record short times by non-technical users and enabled automation of the end-to-end Order to Assemble process starting with order capture and quoting, to offer configuration and production. All system users in the Sales, the Marketing and the Engineering departments noted the exceptional ease of use and the effortless adoption of the solution.

Key capabilities delivered by Comindware:

– End–to–end automation of Order to Assemble process

– Increased order data quality and significantly reduced order fall-out rate

– Immediate positive effect on group and team productivity

– System fully configurable by business users with no dependency on IT

– Future-proof platform for further process optimization

“We selected Comindware because of the unique flexibility and the ease of use of the system. Key team members immediately got access to the system and were able to adapt the software to their business needs – requiring no IT help” – noted Mathias Krostewitz, Head of Business Development at CAPTRON. “With Comindware we have the freedom to design, configure – and change – our processes as often and as quickly as we need to – with no reliance on IT.”

“Comindware Solution served as a “sand-box” for all key Sales & Production process contributors, which allowed to start immediately with simplistic workflows, this way enforcing operational efficiency and control – to later iteratively grow task flows into multi-staged branched processes.” – said Maxim Tsypliaev, Founder and CEO of Comindware. “We are happy to see CAPTRON among our distinguished customers and are looking forward to our partnership extension.”

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