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Comindware Project on iPad is named by KMWorld a 2014 Trend-Setting Product

CMW Lab (CMW Lab) – a leading provider of products and services for predictive Project Management and adaptive Business Process Management, announced that Comindware Project on iPad, has been named by KMWorld, The 2014 Trend-Setting Product for demonstrating a clearly identifiable technology breakthrough that serves the vendor’s full spectrum of constituencies.

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Comindware Project empowers companies with an innovative Project Management technology to dramatically simplify planning for Project Managers and enable effective execution and collaboration for project teams.  With Comindware Project available on iPad, Project Managers are fully equipped with all they need to stay in control of their projects, be that in a meeting or on the go.

“Comindware Project on iPad was selected by the panel because it demonstrates thoughtful, well-reasoned innovation and execution for the most important constituency of them all: the consumer.  Comindware has proven to break down the barriers of the traditional work management industry solutions by providing its customers with practical innovation through its cutting-edge technologies,” – said Hugh McKellar, editor-in-chief, KMWorld.

Comindware Project is built on top of Comindware Team Network, the industry first enterprise collaboration tool, that facilitates efficient cross-company collaboration by keeping all your work in a single place and ensuring full availability of project documentation and related discussions.

“We are honored to be recognized for developing a Trend-Setting Product thus adding true value to the market and their customers,” noted Max Tsypliaev, founder, president, and CEO of Comindware Inc.  “Being selected from a list of over 650 vendors by an esteemed judging panel consisting of analysts, system integrators, vendors and many other specialist, encourages us to go further in developing and evolving our solutions.”

About Comindware

Comindware® is a fast-growing, global software company delivering innovative Work Management solutions that enable businesses to manage their operations with higher performance and efficiency. Aiming to optimize teamwork through a complete professional solution across the enterprise, Comindware provides a full set of products and services for predictive Project Management and adaptive Business Process Management based on the industry’s first Pre-integrated Enterprise Collaboration Platform. A privately run company, Comindware is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

About KMWorld

KMWorld ( is the leading information provider serving the Knowledge Management systems market and covers the latest in Content, Document and Knowledge Management, informing more than 40,000 subscribers about the components and processes – and subsequent success stories – that together offer solutions for improving business performance.
KMWorld is a publishing unit of Information Today, Inc. (

A privately run firm, Comindware is headquartered in Woburn, Mass.

More information: CMW Lab

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Artem Kulik is responsible for PR & Content creation for Comindware. He currently explores product development trends, contributes to and provides tips for better use of Comindware BPM-software

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