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Company work management software: workflow or simple tasks?

When you hear me say ‘work management software’ it may mean almost anything: so many solutions are called ‘work management software’ even though they are all very different from one another when it comes to their features. One of the essential features here is workflow which enables the user to implement process management techniques.

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Workflow or scattered tasks?

“Still there is a number of process management solutions that claim to be it, when in fact, they are not. ”

Still there is a number of process management solutions that claim to be it, when in fact, they are not. They offer to manage your processes in the form of scattered tasks. This means that tasks are not connected into a single process or a sequence of consecutive tasks as they naturally should be. When there is no connection between tasks, you have just a to-do list instead of a process: new tasks will not be created and assigned automatically. That is simply not cool: you still have to control the majority of your project plan execution manually and that brings us back to a simple un-executable plan. You still have a plan and a bunch of tasks to do. Let’s put it simply: no workflow, no process management.

At the same time it’s understandable, why not every solution provides automated processes: if we make a complicated process management tool, the tool will become too heavy: just imagine a huge company with thousands of users and processes, and they should be all logged in and working at the same time. That is why real process management solutions are mostly too heavy.

Complicated processes vs. simple processes

It often occurs that your project demands changes to be brought to the process. It’s painful when you have to do it with a complicated tool. In this case, it will either demand time or costly IT services or – in the worst case – you are going to lose work content you used to have in the process (tasks, discussions, files etc.). Meanwhile changes are necessary to improve and make your process more efficient.

If you can’t improve processes easily, the very sense of process execution disappears: you cannot always use the same processes. Your current project is a temporary thing, and you need to be able to update your plan automatically, timing and processes on the fly to adapt it to the current real life situation.


Comindware Tracker is a process management solution specially designed to solve this problem. This solution is built on ElasticData technology that makes workflow extremely light and easy to change. This way, you have real automated workflows and the possibility to modify and improve them at any time.

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This will be quick and easy. You can do it yourself in a graphical workflow builder. And the most important part of it is that you will not disturb the work of your department, and you will retain all the working content and context.

“Right after you add a new step or steps to the workflow, all of the existing tasks will pick up on the new process.”

Immediately after you add a new step or steps to the workflow, all of the existing tasks will pick up on the new process. In other words, all of the existing pieces of work will be immediately updated automatically, and each user will see the new step and will be able to send the item to the new step(s). All of those changes will be up and running right after you hit ‘save’!

This is something really completely Comindware Tracker offers to business professionals. Call it a breakthrough if you wish.


Process management solutions make up a huge part of work management solutions. They are process management in the proper sense of this term only when they provide workflow automation features. Don’t manage your processes on simple tasks; use simple workflows. With Comindware Tracker, you will modify and improve your processes on the run. Comindware Tracker adapts to the current real-time business situation and, when you need it. Just try now, it’s free!

Comindware Tracker is fully adaptable to your real-time processes. We have one more useful feature for you: you don’t need to log into Comindware Tracker to work on process tasks. You can do this directly from Outlook, as if you were working on everyday Microsoft Outlook tasks.

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Anastasia Chumakova is Product Marketing Analyst and Workflow Automation Expert at Comindware.
She currently explores online process management product development trends, contributes to and provides tips for better use of Comindware Tracker and online work management solutions.

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