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SharePoint Workflow Alternative for Easy Process Design

SharePoint is one of the most popular workflow automation suites and it is popular because it is flexible and has a range of uses. This software is the latest incarnation of what used to be Microsoft FrontPage and it has had a variety of new releases in the past few decades.

The software, while popular, is not the only type of workflow automation software and there are some glaring problems with the software that makes executives and CIOs look for an alternative. The software requires more programming competence than many useful parties possess, it costs a lot more than many competing software brands, and it has some deficiencies that make users question the value and utility of it.

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One of the problems is that this software is old. It doesn’t have the same user-friendly interface that many newer software suites have and it is not as intuitive for those who don’t have experience with coding and the like. The last iteration of this software was released in 2013, and the plans to release a new version in 2016 were scrapped.

There were updates to the software that allows for a no-code interface, making it easier for those without the relevant technical experience to be able to make use of the software. These changes have indeed made it more accessible and easier for non-technical people to manage, but much has changed in the world of automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in the years since the software was first introduced.

Major changes in workflow processes since 2013

The world of workflow automation is ever-changing and with that in mind, one can see how much would have changed since the software was released in 2013. This makes many wonder if it is still useful in the modern world of business.

The software was originally released with cloud computing was just getting started. However, this software is still ubiquitous. Something like 85% of Fortune 500 companies still use this software for many of their automation needs. However, a tool that is now more than 7-years old just doesn’t seem to many like it would fit the bill in terms of need.

One of the biggest problems with SharePoint is that there are limits to functionality and integration. Since many of the changes that have been made to the software were to make it easier for people to use, this was at the expense of more advanced functionality and limits what can be done with the software.

More flexible solutions seem to be the best choice and thus the most attractive option for businesses looking to automate more of their basic functioning. Tools like workflow automation software by Comindware provides a powerful suite of tools that are flexible, great when it comes to integration, and is more cost-effective than many other SharePoint alternatives. Users like that there are powerful tools that can be easily integrated with other systems and tools, customization of individual processes, and the like. These are not things that software like SharePoint is capable of doing.

SharePoint Workflow Alternative for Easy Process Design
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There is a range of different software suites that provide for a powerful array of automation tools and metrics that let you track the progress and analyze the value it has for your business. This data and metrics are incredibly useful in helping to create strategic plans as well as to see what areas of a business process require adjusting or scrapping.

In conclusion

Though an easy-to-use piece of software, the popular SharePoint workflow tools are not the best available on the market. Often for less money, you can access far more flexible and powerful tools that can improve efficiency by allowing you to automate many basic processes, reducing the amount of time it takes to complete these processes and reducing error as well. Software alternatives to SharePoint can also be easily integrated into other systems thus making them even more useful. Flexible software that can grow with the needs of the business allows businesses to keep up with the ever-changing work environment and means of doing business.

Automation software has proven to be invaluable to businesses of all sizes, reducing the time it takes to handle many business processes, and even integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning, which makes it possible to automate even more sophisticated parts of a business’s operations.

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Helena Haidu is an Online Marketing Manager at CMWlab. and a passionate advocate for empowering executive managers onward to workflow automation and running their businesses efficiently.

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