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Efficient Collaboration Software that Keeps the Team Connected

Have you ever wished for the benefits of social media in an online collaboration tool? In today’s modern workforce, online networking is very common. People from all over the world stay connected through social media. Imagine increasing team efficiency by bringing the power of this tool to the workplace.

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“A connected team is an effective team.”

A connected team is an effective team. Online connections can guide and even create effective collaboration. Getting people to work together smoothly is every manager’s goal, isn’t it? In the same way that you want to capitalize on the productive energy from a good meeting, you want to keep people moving towards their goals by staying connected. How can you efficiently harness the power of team collaboration to keep your team on point?

Smooth collaboration requires:

  • Keeping everyone on the same page – no duplicate efforts wasting time
  • Making sure that real-time data is available to every team member when they need it
  • Knowing where your team bottlenecks are with data that you can trust.

But in order to create smooth collaboration, you have to take an objective look at where you need to change your workflow in order to meet your milestones.

The Challenges of Effective Collaboration

“I’ve known managers who spent up to 25% of their time every week simply tracking down information. What a waste of time!”

I’ve known managers who spent up to 25% of their time every week simply tracking down information. What a waste of time! The worst part of it was that they often didn’t even know where the information was located. Did a certain person have it? Or was it stored on a different system than the one they used? It’s just that type of inefficiency that you want to avoid. Over time it can create more than just a non-productive team – it can lead to a dissatisfied one as well.

The lack of a centralized system can create problems for everyone. Say Sally is generally in charge of a final, key piece of a project. The piece that gets done right before the product is delivered to the end user. That’s fine as long as she’s around to report to her manager when needed. But life is full of unexpected events and one day Sally becomes ill. As a supportive manager, you don’t want to bother her while she’s doing what’s necessary to get better.

But, as things would have it, you have a report due the next day – a quarterly report. And you absolutely need that piece of information from Sally. You can’t deliver the product without it and that’s going to skew your numbers for the report. What can you do other than contact Sally and get her to walk you through her system until you can verify the information? It may be the last thing you want to do, but you’re going to have to do it because there’s no other way to meet your deadline.

The Right Online Collaboration Tool for the Job

Instead of tracking down missing information, imagine being able to have it all organized in one place. Easily, simply, just right there. Accessible online at any time – and on mobile devices too. With a system like that in place there’s just no reason that team members can’t keep each other updated. Comindware Tracker offers collaboration tools that help you complete the work as planned.

With Comindware you can:

  • See status updates and discussions that keep your project data real-time, all the time.
  • Use trustworthy statistics to track your team’s work history and find bottlenecks.
  • Depend on the centralized organization of documents and information.

Want to know if a task is on track? Comindware Tracker will tell you. Team members are able to check in with status updates, keeping the team aware of their progress. It’s like having a social network system devoted to your team alone! Since everything is organized in one space, your team will stay more connected. Is something done ahead of time? Delayed? Either way, it’s best to know.

Online collaboration is a wonderful asset, especially when it’s well organized and accurate. Being part of a smoothly run operation not only helps everyone meet their goals, it also keeps the energy fresh and moving. With a responsive, solid system in place, staying on track is sure to be a snap.

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Bran LeFae is a freelance writer and artist from the Pacific Northwest. She spends her days writing, making visual art and running her small business, Bramblethorn Studios. With a career background that includes both business operations and scientific research, Bran has been interested in workflow practices for decades. She has found efficient workflow essential to being a successful freelancer and business owner.

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