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Business Process Management is not Coding

It is countless the number of times people have asked the same old question: is business process management the same as coding? This question has led to a massive confusion about what BPM is, what coding is, and what the differences between the roles of a business person and a programmer are. Comindware wants you to fully understand these terms, so you as a business person can understand once and for all BPM’s role, and your role on it.

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Business Process Management is the procedure, methodology, or way a business follows in order to achieve a result. Every business must follow certain processes in order to get a product. Whether it is that it wants to hire someone, offers a product, sell a service, create new alliances, and even pay its workers, certain steps must be followed and certain interactions must happen. Each and every step a business must follow to get a result is part of a process, and each and every process must be thoroughly planned by a member of the business.

Each step of each process can be planned, analyzed, and measured with the help of a determined program for designing such processes. Comindware is an excellent option for this, since it counts with many features to carefully plan human workflow, sales workflow, documents workflow, healthcare and insurance workflow, and even IT workflow processes that will ultimately bring the exact result a business is looking for.

Business process management is designed to be a task that a business person can perform. A business person knows very well the results that should be achieved, the persons that are necessary to achieve those results, and the series of actions that must be followed in order to achieve them. A business person counts with the experience to meticulously design these processes in a software and to often analyze and search for ways to improve those processes and improve the results.

Coding, instead, is a different task that requires different abilities from the people who will perform it. Coding is creating and introducing a set of instructions that are written in a certain language into a software to make it do something specific. The people who are qualified to code are programmers. They certainly know how to work with the abstractions required to perform this task.

Now, you might think that designing a business process is the same as creating and introducing a set of instructions into a software such as Comindware Tracker. Well, yes and no. Yes, you must introduce certain information in your language so a BPM program can create a methodology, but you do not have to learn a programming language, such a Python or C++ in order to make things happen. You, as a business person, must understand the flow of a business, and how to analyze certain features in order to check if a process is indeed working and if it can be improved. A programmer, on the other hand, does not need to understand that at all. A programmer must know a programming language, the way that language works, and how to make a software do something – by repeating a pattern or a command. You, as a business person, do not require that knowledge at all in order to create a business process. It happens a lot that business people do not fully understand coding just the way that programmers does not fully understand BPM.

Comindware Tracker, the business process management software that was mentioned earlier, is a great option for businesses since it allows many solutions in many areas. You, as a business person, can provide these solutions to your business in simple ways since Comindware Tracker does not require high levels of knowledge regarding coding. We recommend you request the trial version so you can exploit many untapped solutions you do not know yet.

Business Process Management is not Coding
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Business process management is, therefore, the designing of each step and interaction that must happen so a business can achieve a determined result. BPM is meant to be done by business people. Coding, on the other hand, is the introduction of an instruction in a specific programming language in order to make a software do something, and it is meant to be done by a programmer. Both, BPM and coding, can work hand in hand to make a business achieve all the results that can be achieved.
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Helena Haidu is an Online Marketing Manager at CMWlab. and a passionate advocate for empowering executive managers onward to workflow automation and running their businesses efficiently.

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