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Adapt your business processes easily to the changing business environment

Let’s take any BPM tool on the market: once you set up a process in it and you start using the solution, and the process, any changes brought to the process will turn out to be costly due to programming issues and system requirements. So your real life business process has to follow what’s been set up once inside the system.

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Have you ever had a situation of a hard coded business process, which is as old as a dinosaur, which you can use only partly when, for example, you start a process? The process is so old that it barely reflects the real state of things, so it’s in fact much easier to simply keep on dealing with emails rather than involving the outdated process.

This happens because most solutions cost a king’s ransom. And then any modification of an existing process requires a highly-experienced programmer. Not every company can afford it every day, and we often face the problem of pre-configured BPM solutions: they simply grow too old too quickly.

Whenever you have any emergency process which is not presented in your existing BPM solution, you start managing the urgent situation with the help of emails, while the system estimates that everything is rolling ok. Yet no, something went wrong on the way and you have to perform some sort of additional manipulations.

In Comindware Tracker you can, at each stage of your real-life process, create multiple sub-tasks which is not the same as creating tasks via email. Emails tend to get lost, un-answered and you need to remember that you’re awaiting a ping back from a certain email. With Comindware Tracker you always have transparency because it’s not like the process has detoured from its route on its own: you have 5 more sub-tasks in the system here and you know who’s responsible for what because each task has its assignee.

And, finally, it works quick because the person who’ll be responsible for the sub-tasks which emerged in the existing situation, will receive an email alert about a new task for them, open it and see all the attachments and task detail in it.

And for sure, ad hoc, you didn’t have any kind of automation for this force majeure part of the process. Comindware allows processes to be ‘as ad hoc as is needed’ compared to the existing BPM solutions which have no ad hoc with their hard-coded automated processes.

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Anastasia Chumakova is Product Marketing Analyst and Workflow Automation Expert at Comindware.
She currently explores online process management product development trends, contributes to and provides tips for better use of Comindware Tracker and online work management solutions.

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