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4 Steps to an Excellent Basic Restaurant Workflow

The workflow of a restaurant might not seem like something that needs to be automated or streamlined, but more and more restaurant owners are learning the benefits of streamlining back of the house workflows. Whether they use CMW Tracker or some other workflow software, this can really increase the efficiency with which the restaurant operates.

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4 Ways You Can Improve Restaurant Workflow

1. Streamline Profits

The best way to attract people to your restaurant is to have efficient, quality service, from the front of the house to the back of the house. If you provide your customers with well-prepared, quality food, and they don’t have to wait forever to get it, they are more likely to want to come back.

In order to offer this enhanced service, you need a very precise workflow that all involved understand and know how to follow. Software that is used to keep proper inventory, monitor equipment, and ensure that there are always enough employees on hand for the job will help to streamline profits and allow you to offer that five-star service that keeps people coming back.

2. Focus on Inventory

Your food offerings are likely what is going to bring people through your doors and it is imperative that you have a menu that you can offer, no questions asked. There is nothing worse than someone coming to your restaurant for a specific dish, only to be told that the restaurant is out of a key ingredient.

This is why a good, well-streamlined inventory process is so important. You need to make sure you know what you need, how much you need and make sure that you always have that amount on hand. It is also important to reduce waste, which is why knowing precise quantities of needed ingredients is also important. Waste is unnecessarily lost profit.

3. Consider Employees When Designing A Workflow

Your employees are a key part of your workflow process and they need to be taken into account. Streamlining service should not come at the expense of the people providing said services. Employees, whether front or back of the house, can provide insight into a given process that can help you better develop your process to be more effective without overtaxing your workers.

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4. Inventory Equipment and Put it On A Maintenance Schedule

One way to really improve the workflow of your kitchen is to make sure it is properly equipped and that your equipment is in good order, you have the right stuff, and that the back of the house is well-organized for efficiency. You can use workflow software to manage inventory, whether it is foodstuffs or tools.

Part of this will involve creating a list of equipment needed or used and documenting the maintenance schedule each of these tools will need. You may also need to keep a separate pool of money dedicated to replacing anything that is in disrepair or breaks. It can really hurt your business if a major piece of equipment goes out and you don’t have the money to fix or replace it.

Consider the layout of the back as well. How you choose to store products and tools can really slow down the process of getting the food from the kitchen to the customer’s table. You want to make sure that tools are within reach of where they are needed. You also need to make sure that things are stored safely as an injury is not only bad for business, it can also lead to real delays in serving customers that may be waiting for their food.

In Closing

Running a successful restaurant takes a wide range of skills. Ensuring you have an efficient and logical workflow can help streamline the process of getting food from the kitchen to the table in the fastest, most effective way possible, while also ensuring quality and good service. You can use workflow software to help make this process easier, but it will involve thinking through the various functions that are necessary to creating five-star service for your customers.

The best way to improve your workflow will be to focus on profits when choosing your menu and developing your inventory. It will also require that you take a closer look at your inventory to make sure that you have what you need on hand to provide for what your customers want, without having too much which will lead to waste. It can also be beneficial to detail your storage and tools, as well as put them on a maintenance schedule to help ensure that you always have the products and tools you need for the job at hand.

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Helena Haidu is an Online Marketing Manager at CMWlab. and a passionate advocate for empowering executive managers onward to workflow automation and running their businesses efficiently.

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