Workflow Software in the Cloud or On‑premise

Workflow Software in the Cloud or On‑premise

Workflow software by CMW Lab is available in two deployment options — cloud and on-premise. Start with a proof of concept (PoC) in the cloud, then opt for appropriate deployment model and get a dedicated workflow solution up and running quickly, with all data and communications retained in the system.

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Available Deployment Options

Cloud Workflow Software

With no required infrastructure and low setup costs, cloud-based deployment is the proven, fastest and cost effective way to accelerate your digital initiatives throughout the company. Get enterprise-level production-ready workflow software hosted in trusted third-party cloud facilities and enjoy the following advantages:

  • Fully featured workflow automation solution
  • Reduced software, support and administration costs
  • Reliability and security thanks to Tier One Cloud facilities
  • Easy scaling based on growing requirements
  • Automatic software updates
  • Web, email, and phone support

Workflow features overview

Software as a Service

Rapid On-premise Deployment

On-premise deployment is the best choice for those, who has regulatory requirements to avoid cloud data storage, as for example in cases of government contracts. Get dedicated solution instance deployed on your own servers within a week and enjoy the following advantages:

  • Complete workflow automation software
  • Full compliance with regulations on handling and storing sensitive data
  • Improved latency and consistency in data exchange for companies with operations in countries with patchy Internet connection or content censorship
  • Easy migration to new versions of the workflow software
  • Web, email, and phone support

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Rapid On-premise Deployment

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