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CMW Tracker Update September 30, 2013

Sending custom e-mails in the workflow

Setup e-mails to be sent by the CMW Workflow engine on different events. E-mail text is fully customizable and can be pre-filled based on the data existing in the system.

Audit trials for security settings

All the changes in the security settings as well as user management area will be logged and available for a download in the administrative area.

Easily invite colleagues to try

Invite colleagues to try CMW Tracker in just a couple of clicks: enter the e-mail and invitations will be sent to your colleagues.

New Education solution

The solution allows managing such processes as Admission and Registration, Processes of Issuing Diplomas, Scholarship Applications, Teacher Evaluation.

New Sales solution

The solution allows managing such processes as Contract Reviews, Customized Product, Lead Management, and Price Discount.

New Marketing solution

The solution allows managing such processes as Marketing Campaigns, Marketing Materials, Public Relations Campaigns, Social Media Posts Approval, and Website Changes.

Financial Management Software solution update

The Financial Management Software solution now contains additional processes - Budget & Cost Approval, Employee Payroll, and Request to issue Material Assets.

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