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CMW Tracker Update March 27, 2014

Automatic transitions

Setup automatic transitions and your requests will be managed for you based on the data entered and the rules defined. For example you can setup a specific rule that purchase requests above $50000 should go directly to the CEO for approval.

Bulk updates

When there are multiple tasks requiring update, modifying them one by one can take quite some time. With the Bulk Update capability you can easily select multiple tasks and perform a bulk operation on them, for example move them to the next step, reassign or delete altogether.


When one of the team members becomes temporarily unavailable for work (due to a reassignment to a different task, sick leave or vacation) , it is important to ensure work continuity. With the “Deputy” feature it is made possible to temporarily reassign job responsibilities to another team member.

Export tasks to Excel

In case there are default Excel Forms you are using as a standard in your company/department, you can now have CMW Tracker generate them for you. Just define the Excel template you need and export your tasks to it in a couple of clicks

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