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CMW Tracker Update September 17, 2014

Automated Timer

CMW Tracker’s Timer now provides the capability for the users to trigger automated time tracking and enables precise measuring of actual time spent on task completion.

This feature allows for more precise external client billing or internal assessment of team performance.

Verified Security

CMW Tracker has undergone a series of penetration testing and has been certified as fully compiling with the security audit requirements.

The assessment methodology included coverage of all classes of vulnerabilities identified in the 2013 Top 10 Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

Security testing was performed by Redspin - an independent provider of penetration testing services and IT security audits.

Field Prefilling

With CMW Tracker Field Prefilling capability users can save time and minimize human error during data entry.

In case of launch of CMW Tracker from a different application, there is no need to manually fill in data entries: CMW Tracker now allows for auto prefilling of entry fields with default data. Auto-prefill data can then be modified as required.

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