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CMW Tracker Update February 14, 2013

Parallel tasks

It is now possible to set up the creation of multiple tasks at every step in a workflow. This enables you to assign unrelated tasks to be executed in parallel (e.g. create two tasks to “Sign an NDA” and “Provide domain credentials” at the same time as the “Employee on-boarding” step in your HR workflow)

Recurring workflows and tasks

Now you can schedule the creation of repetitive workflows and tasks (e.g. set up a “Finance report preparation” task to be created automatically each quarter)

New Financial Management Software Solution

Solution allows managing processes like Invoice Processing, Purchase Requests, Expense Reports, Capital Expenditures, Account Payable and Travel Processing and other.

New Compliance and Policy Initiatives Solution

Solution allows managing processes like Policy Changes, Certification Process and HSE Issues.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Now you can use Microsoft AD credentials to sign in to CMW Tracker automatically if you are logged on to your operating system.

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