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CMW Tracker Update April 30, 2013

Requestor Workspace

For those users that are mainly submitting requests like Purchase Requests, IT Help Desk Requests, Vacation Requests, etc. CMW Tracker now offers simple and intuitive Requestor Workspace where these users can submit requests, collaborate, and track statuses. These “Requestor” type users do not need a full license, thus, the solution becomes much more affordable overall.

Scheduled E-mail Reports

Regular e-mail reports can now be scheduled to be sent to managers who are monitoring the progress on their projects. Employees are relieved from sending reports manually: they are automatically sent at the defined time by CMW Tracker

Export Workflows as Images

Save Workflows as images and print them if necessary just in a couple of clicks to get prepared for the meeting or update business process documentation.

IT Help Desk Solution Update

IT Help Desk solution inside CMW Tracker now has even more pre-built IT Workflow Processes, pre-configured reporting Dashboards, and Lists.

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