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4 Workflow Solutions to Try in 2021

Workflow solutions are software suites that help with improving and optimizing a range of different business processes. The main way this occurs is through the standardization of workflows. Not only does this software help to create standards by which future processes can be created, but it will also automate many functions, furthering the efficiency of the process.

Software like Comindware provides is a low-code workflow management platform that doesn’t require an in-depth knowledge of coding and technical aspects to use the software. With workflow software like this, you can build custom workflow apps that meet the specific needs of the work done by a company. You can use this software to digitize a range of business functions as well as creating customized workflows that meet the varied needs of your business.

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Workflow Solution Recommendations

Meeting Prep

One of the biggest benefits of workflow solutions is the ability to use the software to create pre-meeting preparation. This will allow you to create a meeting agenda that can guide your meeting. It will help to ensure that you cover the topics that need to be addressed, without a lot of wasted time spent due to lack of planning.

Many workflow solutions will allow you to integrate into various calendar software so that dates and agenda are automatically updated and shared with the necessary parties.

Exiting Employees

Whenever an employee leaves, for whatever reason – be it to move to another job opportunity or to retire – there is a range of tasks that need to happen in the process of their exit from the company.

This might involve things like revoking access to certain software suites or accounts. It will also involve the deletion of certain accounts and the moving of records. It may also entail things like turning in equipment provided to the employee.

Using workflow solutions to create a check-list and automate revoking permissions and requesting the return of hardware can help make the process a bit less frustrating.

Overtime Pay Management

Overtime pay is an important part of human resources and payroll. One thing employees don’t like is having to contact numerous people to ensure that their overtime actually gets paid. Workflow solutions can allow employees to initiate the overtime process of approval.

An app that allows the employee to request overtime can then calculate what they are owed and automatically pass it on to the payroll department for approval. This helps to reduce the amount of time it takes for employees to get paid and provides a transparent process.

Workflow management software by Comindware

Workflow management software by Comindware makes it a span to build your own process and get it automated.

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Party Scheduling

You can use workflow solutions to automate the planning of company birthday parties. This can be done by creating an automated process that sends requests for cash collection for gifts, assigning people to get cake or cards and set up a time for all the employees to get together without interfering with schedules.

This solution is also a great way to handle various holiday and other company-wide gatherings that may occur throughout the year. You can use the software to create reminders and to schedule these events at times that are suitable to all the employees at the company, helping to ensure that nobody is left out because of scheduling difficulties.

In Closing

Workflow solutions are powerful ideas that allow you to use new technologies and tools to automate as many aspects of your business as possible. There are plenty of obvious places where workflow solutions provide benefit to a company, but there are also other areas of business operation that can benefit from automation and other workflow solutions.

First and foremost, you can use workflow solutions to create well-planned and efficient meetings. You can create automated reminders and send out checklists or agendas that show participants the topics to be covered in a given meeting. Workflow solutions can also help streamline the process of an employee leaving the company, whether it involves removing permissions or ensuring the return of company equipment.

You can use this software to create applications and other processes that allow employees a more transparent and efficient way of managing things like overtime pay. This will ensure that the entire process of requesting overtime is transparent and timely. These solutions are also useful for scheduling any number of gatherings, from birthday parties to company-wide holiday parties.

Using a comprehensive suite of software tools like Comindware Tracker you all the benefits of management and development, in a single platform. You can use this software to create and manage workflows and implement new solutions with ease.

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Helena Haidu is an Online Marketing Manager at CMWlab. and a passionate advocate for empowering executive managers onward to workflow automation and running their businesses efficiently.

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