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Insurance companies are facing challenges such as winning the competition while playing by the rules and laws. Specialized insurance claim management software addresses this challenge by automating insurance claims processing and show good results in ensuring complicated insurance law compliance as well as improving corporate performance and minimizing claim costs.

Meanwhile many insurance companies are struggling to deliver on new customer demands and face lack of capability to add piecemeal elements to their existing operations quickly, so it becomes difficult for them to meet these new demands in time. Businesses compete on how quickly digital innovations get to customers and workflow management software by CMW addresses this challenge.

CMW Tracker works alongside the existing claim management system and enables insurance company to address new business needs quickly. It minimizes dependency on IT and empower non-technical users to create their own forms and automate customer-focused workflows with drag-and-drop simplicity. CMW Tracker, as the high-speed tool focuses on high-value business areas that ensure competitive advantages, while heavy claim management system still ensures your legal needs.

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Automated Insurance Claim Processing

Once the first notice of loss (FNOL) is streamlined, it kicks off a fully automated insurance claim management process, from assignment of work and generating notifications to special investigation, through to claim settlement. CMW Tracker makes it a deal of days, not months, to get your new insurance claims process or insurance front office workflow up and running thanks to graphical workflow builder that empowers business users to create, run and change workflows on-the-fly without help of IT staff.

Automated Insurance Claim Processing

Agile Insurance Claim Process

Each claim settlement process as far as insurance negotiation process may require a customised approach. Unfortunately, heavy insurance claims management solutions lack process adjustability — it is necessary to engage IT resources every time you need to add a new step in an existing workflow or change business logics of claim processing app. Even more, it is usually necessary to pause access into system till update is implemented. CMW Tracker addresses this case and allows on-the-run changes to workflows, without access pausing, delivers the highest possible flexibility for your customer-focused business and dramatically enhanced operational efficiency.

Agile Insurance Claim Process

Insurance Claim Forms

Configure different insurance claim forms for various claim processing scenarios in a web-based health insurance claims management software. CMW Lab insurance claims software is delivered with a built-in graphical form builder available via both mobile and desktop web browsers that makes it easy for business users to automate web-forms, set business rules for fields and ensure that various workflows are triggered according to text or number entered in the field — without a single code line. Even more, CMW Tracker allows add field to forms on-the-fly.

Insurance Claim Forms

Claim Processing Transparency and Compliance

Traditional insurance claims management system reliably ensures automatic validation of data and transparent view of the entire healthcare insurance claims process. Use CMW Web Services API to integrate CMW Tracker with your existing claims management system and stay ensured that your insurance claims management flows are compliant with regulatory and SLA, as far as workflows are streamlined and adjusters can focus on claim activities that they know will help deliver a better service experience.

Claim Processing Transparency and Compliance

Insurance Claim Management Software Challenges

It is vital for insuring companies to be customer-focused and quickly while protecting their laws compliance and it is challenging to keep balance. To be successful, insurers need to:

Low-code insurance claims processing software by CMW Lab is an effective solution for insurers looking to advance improvement initiatives and set your business apart and ahead of the competition.

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