Data Management

Data Management

Complete enterprise-grade data management capabilities including capturing and storing of all types of business and operational data. Unlimited scaling while preventing data duplication through the patented graph-based data management technology — CMW ElasticData.

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Data Management Distinct Features

Data Capture and Presentation

CMW Platform provides Records and Web Forms for data capture and presentation. Both Records and Forms can be easily configured to present information specifically required for a particular Task, Case or Business Process. Configuration is done via declarative tools and drag-and-drop selection of different visual controls and layouts.

Enterprise Data Management system  Data Capture and Presentation

Data Import, Export and Synchronization

For purposes of data migration as well as periodic data synchronization with external sources, CMW Lab provides the import/export capability using open secure API’s and external formats, for example the Microsoft Excel format.

Import Data from Excel  Data Import, Export and Synchronization
Why CMW Lab
  • Unified data management across Tasks, Cases and Processes
  • Unlimited scaling without data duplication
  • Enhanced data search and filtering capabilities

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