Licence Pricing

Licence Pricing

The CMW Platform makes Enterprise-level BPM functionality accessible to every customer, regardless of size. Business applications can be easily created, supported, and developed by in-house business analysts or by external contractors.

When choosing a BPM-platform, in addition to license costs, it is important to consider the total cost of ownership, which includes all possible future expenses for support, updates, development, and functional adjustments.

The cost of owning the CMW Platform includes:

  • Licensing per active users.
    User licenses can be purchased at any time as the number of platform users grows.
  • All the fees for additional functionality.
    The platform comes fully functional and new functionality, released with new product versions, is available to users without additional payment.
  • All costs for the database and its maintenance.
  • Step-by-step implementation by a customer.
    Goals and plans can be ambitious and extensive, but they can be implemented by in-house business analysts as the comprehensive solution concept is formed and budget is allocated.
  • Engagement of external specialists.
    Consultants and contractors can be engaged to implement full or only specific parts of the solution. For example, complex integrations or specific business processes.


The cost of one user license:

CMW Platform $349

per year

+ volume discounts

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