CMW Lab Case Study: Real Estate

CMW Lab Case Study: Real Estate

How to support realty company growth with business process automation, increasing process efficiency 3 times.

Sustainable EDMS in Real Estate

This project was delivered for #1 largest real estate company in North America exclusively dedicated to retail with 25 offices around the globe.

As the company expanded and was responsible for key notification dates of the leases for more than 830 clients, they needed to switch from Excel-based approach and use an improved management technology that let the company develop sustainably. For these purposes CMW Lab designed a fully automated tracking and approval system that served a rapid and easy transition from manual work and workload decrease.

The project was built within 60 days.

“Nothing slips through the cracks anymore when it comes to legal notifications.”

On the basis of the CMW Lab reporting tool the company also created a metrics system to measure their success: turnaround time, burn rate, employees KPIs.

As a result, the time for lease parsing was taken down from 60 to 20 days. All the documents are tracked and approved online via CMW Lab low-code process automation solution. The paperwork is kept to a minimum, as well as the IT-department involvement when implementing any changes to the system.

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