CMW Lab Case Study: Bering Yachts

CMW Lab Case Study: Bering Yachts

Hertz Uses Low-code Workflow Software to Streamline CapEx Approval Processes

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Bering Yachts is a leading steel yacht manufacturer with global headquarters are located in the United States, with additional offices in Germany and Australia, as well as shipyards in Bulgaria, Turkey.

Each project consists of complicated business processes, logistic routes, procurement and warehouse control. of complicated business processes, logistic routes, procurement and warehouse control. So the company needed a fully custom solution that corresponded to the yacht manufacturing requirements and was flexible enough to let business analysts make changes on-the-run.

“One warehouse may contain thousands of yacht construction components, collectively valued at over $10,000,000, presenting supply chain challenges and intricately orchestrated delivery routes.”.
Ekaterina Atasoy, Director of Business Analysis

With CMW Platform Bering Yachts managed to digitize 7 different warehouse locations around the world, as well as the procurement process connected to them. All warehouses, equipment and logistic routes converted to the digital platform.

Thus the company gets real-time access for requestors, elimination of unnecessary procurements for 7-10%, reduction in time and labor Investments minimizes the workload placed on project personnel.

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